Student Opportunities

Build your résumé with these student opportunities.

Engineering involves networking. (Excuse our dad joke, please.) 

The connections we have - and the professional networking opportunities that result - will help you build your résumé. You'll have access to a variety of internships and COOPs with private firms and government agencies, like:  

  • Boeing, 
  • Bosch, 
  • Mercedes-Benz Vans, 
  • Volvo, 
  • Cummins, 
  • Scientific Research Corporation, 
  • the Naval Information Warfare Center – Atlantic, 
  • Google, and  
  • many others. 


Internships are paid or unpaid work experiences. Some will offer course credits while others are for industry experience. You may find a local opportunity or an internship outside the region.  

There is a process for earning course credit. Current students should visit The Hub to learn more.  


A co-op provides an immersive real-world work experience that makes you highly competitive for a job offer when you graduate. It is a full-time work opportunity. You’ll work for a company during one or two regular semesters. During this time, you must take a "Leave of Absence" from the College since you’ll be working instead of taking courses. This will delay your graduation by a year, but should not affect your scholarships. 

You also must receive permission from the program director before agreeing to the co-op. Current students should ask your advisor or program director for a five-year road map that show how your curriculum will fit into a co-op experience.


Regional businesses and private individuals invest in College of Charleston students. Create an application in the College’s scholarship management system (CSAS) and indicate an interest in systems or electrical engineering.