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From holy saints to brutal overseeers, and from African martial arts to South Carolina community identity, explore the dynamic exchange of people, ideas and goods across the Atlantic World.

Port Cities of the Atlantic World book cover

Port Cities of the Atlantic World

edited by Jacob Steere-Williams and Blake C. Scott


Fugitive Movements

edited by James O'Neil Spady

Challenging History book cover

Challenging History

edited by Leah Worthington, Rachel Clare Donaldson, and John W. White

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CLAW Book Series

University of South Carolina Press

In partnership with the Univ. of South Carolina Press, CLAW publishes a series of works for the study of the Carolina Lowcountry and/or the Atlantic World.

Series Editors

  • Simon Lewis, College of Charleston
  • Sandra Slater, College of Charleston
  • John White, College of Charleston

Editorial Board

  • Sir Hilary Beckles, University of the West Indies
  • David Gleeson, University of Northumbria
  • Ahmad Green-Hayes, Northwestern University
  • Jane Landers, Vanderbilt University
  • Sarah Owens, College of Charleston
  • Jennifer Palmer, University of Georgia
  • Edgardo Perez-Morales, University of Southern California–Dornsife
  • Gregory Smithers, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Assan Sarr, Ohio State University
  • Rebecca Shumway, University of Wisconsin
  • Randy Sparks, Tulane University
  • Michael D. Thompson, University of Tennessee–Chattanooga
  • Andrew Wehrman, Central Michigan University

Proposal Submissions

Authors interested in submitting proposals should review the submission guidelines and contact:

Ehren Foley, USC Press acquisitions editor: or 803-777-9055