Veteran & Military Student Services

Welcome Veteran and Military Students!

Veteran and Military Student Services is a great place to meet fellow veteran and military students.  We want to help ease your adjustment from military to campus life.  We aim to create a sense of community among veteran and military students by offering peer-to-peer support and military and veteran-centered activites.  Get involved at the level you want to! 

 Do you have questions about your military and veteran benefits?
 See our Veteran Education Benefits FAQ.

Resources Available to Veteran/Military Students

Check out these great resources!
  • Veteran Peer Advisors

    New veteran/military students are connected with a Veteran Peer Advisor in their first semester. Veteran peer advisors are experienced student veterans who have been in your shoes. Advisors can link you with campus resources, guide you through college processes, and provide one-on-one support during your transition to campus

  • Veteran and Military Student Center

    The Veteran and Military Student Center is a committed space for veteran and active-duty students offering access to computers, a printer, refrigerator, microwave, and coffeemaker. This space is used for relaxing with fellow veterans and service members, studying, and where our Student Veterans Association (SVA) chapter holds meetings.

  • Student Veterans Association

    The College of Charleston Student Veteran Association (SVA) is a veteran student-led organization dedicated to helping veteran/military students make a successful adjustment from the military to college through campus advocacy, social events, volunteer opportunities and promoting camaraderie amongst our members. The College of Charleston SVA is a member of the National chapter of the Student Veterans of America.

  • Green Zone Allies

    Green Zone Training prepares faculty and staff to understand the veteran/military experience and creates a network of faculty and staff who support a military-friendly campus culture. Unlike the structured setting of the military, college structure is more complex and can be challenging to navigate. Green Zone training offers a quick way for veteran/military students to identify faculty/staff who trained to be a resource and ally.

Our goal is to provide a one stop shop for our 200+ student veterans. The whole point is to connect them with each other and other people on campus.

Jessica Wilkes, Director of Veteran and Military Student Services

New Veteran/Military Student Checklist

If you are interested in attending the College of Charleston, below is a checklist of things you will need to do.
  • Apply for Admission

    This is your FIRST STEP in the application process to the College of Charleston. During this process our Veteran/Military Admissions Director with evaluate your previous college credits or your Joint Services Transcripts (JST) to determine if the College of Charleston is the right fit for you. Once that is determined, you will work through the application process. If you have any questions or want to learn more, contact Mathew Garrison at .

    Admissions Page
  • Apply for Educational Benefits (if applicable)
    Active-Duty Military Using Tuition Assistance
    1. Contact your Education Services Officer (ESO) prior to enrolling for classes at the College of Charleston

    2. Apply for Tuition Assistance

    Note: Take note of the TA application instructions/deadlines specific to your branch and the College of Charleston academic calendar to ensure your request in processed in a timely manner.

    3. Send approved TA request to the Treasurer’s Office at: 

    • The Treasurer’s Office will process your approved TA request and posts the TA credit to your student account. Please ensure you review your eBill account to ensure your TA has posted online.

    If voucher is course specific, please notify the Treasurer's Office immediately of any changes to your course schedule.

    For questions about your specific voucher, please contact the Treasurer's Office at 843.953.5572 or

    If receiving Tuition Assistance through ArmyIgnited, please contact the Treasurer's Office to request that your course enrollments be uploaded to the ArmyIgnited Portal.

    Veterans using VA Education Benefits
    It takes approximately one to two months for benefits to be approved. Start the process early to ensure a smooth transition to the university. Additional information available at College of Charleston Financial Aid 

  • Next Steps

    If you are admitted to the College of Charleston and plan to attend, check out Next Steps for Admitted Students.

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