Veteran Education Benefits

VA Educational Benefits and the GI Bill® help Veterans, service members and their qualified family members pay for college expenses.

We're proud you are considering enrolling at the College of Charleston.

As a result of your service, you may be entitled to VA education benefits earned through the GI Bill®. The GI Bill® helps veterans and their family members cover the costs of a college education including tuition, books and housing. 

While you are considering the College of Charleston as your college of choice, please contact us for assistance (, follow the process below, visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website and let us help you in your pursuit of your education goals.

Apply for VA Education Benefits

How to Apply for VA Education Benefits

While we are dedicated to helping you achieve your education goals, the College of Charleston does not determine initial eligibility for VA Education Benefit Programs. Eligibility for veteran and dependent education benefits is determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affiars (VA).

1. Apply for Benefits at VA.GOV
If you are a veteran, service member or qualified family member, the VA will determine the benefits for which you are eligible. Visit the VA website and go through the application process, which is based on your education and military history.
2. Apply for Admission to the College of Charleston
We're proud you're here. You must be admitted as a degree- or certification- seeking student to qualify for VA Education Benefits. Only classes that apply toward your degree program can be certified for VA benefits.
  • Apply for Admission
  • Establish Residency - Students receiving Post 9/11, Chapter 35 or VR&E benefits are eligible to receive in-state charges. If you have been admitted as a non-resident student, please be sure to contact the CofC Office of Legal Residency to establish residency for tuition purposes. 
3. Submit Your Certificate Of Eligibility & VA Enrollment Certification Form
The VA will notify you of their decision on your benefits application. When approved by the VA, submit your Certificate of Eligibility (COE), VA Enrollment Certification form (required each semester) and any supporting documents/forms to the College of Charleston VA Certifying Official to begin using your benefits.

Maintaining Your Benefits

  • The VA only pays benefits if you are enrolled in a qualified degree program.
  • You must submit the College of Charleston VA Enrollment Certification form each semester to the College of Charleston VA Certifying Official.
  • Avoid changing your enrollment (dropping a class, withdrawing from a class, etc.) without notifying the certifying official. This may result in overpayments and collection activities.