Maximizing Student Success

The Division of Information Technology is dedicated to supporting you throughout your academic journey. Our goal is to equip you with the digital tools you need to thrive and excel. We offer a range of services, including:  

  • Laptop recommendations 
  • Free access to productivity and course-specific software 
  • Reliable wireless connectivity that ensures your online experience is secure 

Additionally, we provide ongoing technical support to assist you every step of the way. Count on us to provide comprehensive coverage and support for all your technological needs.  

Empowering Students with Robust IT Resources

Achieve academic success with the College of Charleston's technology resources. Cutting-edge software, robust data protection, reliable connectivity, and top-notch tech support.
  • Laptop Essentials for Seamless Learning

    At the College of Charleston, having a laptop is a mandatory requirement for all students. This device will serve as your primary tool for in-person and online classes and for completing assignments. We partner with Dell and Apple to offer exclusive College of Charleston discounts, and financial aid may cover the cost.  

    Technical issues can arise and to ensure a seamless learning experience, our Service Service Desk provides exceptional support. If your laptop is still under a factory warranty, our qualified technicians will handle repairs free of charge and provide you with a loaner laptop.  

  • Powering Academic Excellence: Free Software Applications

    The College of Charleston recognizes the financial challenges that come with pursuing higher education and so we equip you with the necessary software applications to support your academic journey.  

    With Desire2Learn, our comprehensive learning management system, you can conveniently access course materials, keep track of your grades, submit assignments and much more. This user-friendly platform ensures that you have everything you need at your fingertips to stay organized and engaged in your studies. 

    We offer an array of free software downloads to enhance your productivity. You will have access to Microsoft Office 365, which includes essential applications like OneDrive (1TB of data), Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Google Workspace for Education is also available with Google Drive (10GB), Docs, Sheets, Slides and more.  

    To further support your specialized academic requirements, we provide over 100 course specific applications and statistical software downloads through our AppsAnywhere platform. 

  • Seamless Connectivity: Stay Connected Anywhere

    We understand the importance of staying connected in today's interconnected world, and we commit to providing a seamless online experience for you. The College of Charleston offers secure and reliable wireless coverage. Whether you are in any of the academic areas on our main campus or our remote College-occupied buildings like Harbor Walk, Grice Marine Lab, Patriot's Point and Stono Preserve, you can count on a dependable connection via eduroam 

    We have equipped our residence halls on campus with wireless access coverage through MyResnet, with support provided by Apogee. This ensures that even in the comfort of your residence, you can enjoy seamless wireless connectivity for all your academic and personal needs.  

  • Unlock Your Potential: Expand Horizons with Training Opportunities

    Alongside your regular coursework, the College of Charleston provides on-demand online learning opportunities through the LinkedIn Learning platform. You can access a vast library of courses, offering you various options to enhance your understanding of your current courses, broaden your knowledge or even acquire new skills. With thousands of courses available, the possibilities for personal and professional growth are endless.  

  • Protecting your Data

    At the College of Charleston, we prioritize your privacy and data protection. To enhance security and minimize the risk of unauthorized access, we have implemented multifactor authentication for college-issued accounts. This additional layer of security safeguards your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and ensures its protection. 

  • Convenient Printing and Computer Access

    At the College of Charleston, we offer a print allocation each semester that provides 300 free black & white or color impressions. Printing facilities are conveniently available at multiple locations on campus. In case you do not have access to your own computer, you can utilize the computer workstations equipped with popular software at Addlestone Library. 

  • Your One-Stop Tech Solution: Exceptional Support

    We are here to help with all your software, hardware and technology-related needs! Our IT Service Desk offers top-notch technical support in a user-friendly manner. You can find assistance through our self-service support options or by visiting our walk-up locations on campus. We also have a comprehensive Knowledge Base that provides solutions to common issues experienced by multiple users