Unlocking Faculty Excellence

As technology continues to shape the world around us, the College of Charleston recognizes the pivotal role that Information Technology plays in driving innovation, transforming education and empowering individuals. With a commitment to excellence in education and a focus on cutting-edge research, we are dedicated to cultivating a diverse and talented faculty. Whether you are an experienced scholar or just starting out in your professional academic career, we provide an inspiring and supportive environment where you can thrive, make a lasting impact and shape the minds of our students.

Empowering Faculty with Robust IT Resources

Maybe something like this: Information technology helps you bring cutting-edge technology into your classroom. We empower you through cutting edge technology. We elevate classroom spaces so you have the technology you need. And, we keep you connected through dependable and secure Wi-Fi.
  • Empowering Faculty with Cutting-Edge Software
    Unleash the Potential of Teaching, Research and Innovation at the College of Charleston

    The College of Charleston presents an extensive range of software packages designed to empower you in your teaching, research and service endeavors. We provide access to highly versatile tools such as the Microsoft Office365 suite and Google Workspace for Education. This ensures seamless integration with personal or college-provided office computers and in-classroom utilization. Furthermore, we offer a selection of statistical packages that cater to both qualitative and quantitative research needs. 

    Additionally, we offer the innovative Desire2Learn learning management system alongside a diverse array of integrated applications. These resources enable students to submit multimedia-rich and groundbreaking assignments, fostering an environment conducive to creative exploration and academic growth. 

  • Enhanced Academic Spaces
    Elevate Your Teaching Experience at the College of Charleston 

    Discover our well-equipped academic spaces at the College of Charleston, designed to support/meet your teaching and academic needs. Our well-equipped classrooms feature projection capabilities, computer stations, laptop connections and document cameras. This ensures seamless integration of technology into your teaching practices. Moreover, we have a student laptop requirement, guaranteeing that your students will have reliable at-seat internet access, fostering an engaging and connected learning environment for your in-class activities. Embrace the power of technology-enhanced instruction at the College of Charleston. 

  • Stay Connected
    College of Charleston's Robust Network Provides Faculty and Students Seamless Access to Resources

    With comprehensive wired and wireless network coverage blanketing our campus, the College of Charleston ensures that faculty, staff and students can effortlessly access vital resources from any location on campus. We proudly provide the eduroam wireless network, which grants secure connectivity across thousands of hotspots in over 100 countries. This network extends its reach to encompass more than 900 colleges, universities and research facilities within the United States, promoting uninterrupted collaboration and knowledge sharing. Whether you are in any of the academic areas on our main campus or our remote College-occupied buildings like Harbor Walk, Grice Marine Lab, Patriot's Point and Stono Preserve, you can count on a dependable connection via eduroam. 

  • Unlock Your Digital Potential
    College of Charleston Champions Digital Literacy for Faculty Excellence and Innovation 

    Recognizing the essential nature of digital literacy skills in today's digital age, we support both our students and faculty in acquiring and honing these essential competencies. Our Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) team is a specialized group of instructional technologists committed to ensuring your success in integrating technology into your teaching and research practices whether you prefer to teach in an in-person, online (synchronous or asynchronous) or hybrid environment. Furthermore, we provide access to an expansive catalog of over 16,000 courses through LinkedIn Learning, empowering you and your students to continuously enhance your digital proficiency and support life-long learning. 

  • Empowering Research Excellence
    Unleash the Power of High-Performance Computing at the College of Charleston

    Experience the pinnacle of research capabilities with our High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster, purpose-built to provide an advanced computing environment and comprehensive support across our entire campus. At the College of Charleston, we grant you eligibility to leverage this powerful resource for both educational and research pursuits.  

  • Safeguarding Your Data, Ensuring Peace of Mind
    College of Charleston's Commitment to Information Security and Privacy Protection 

    The College of Charleston prioritizes the security and protection of your Personal Identifiable Information (PII), as well as that of our students. Our Information Technology department oversees robust measures to safeguard our computing and information assets, ensuring compliance with pertinent information-related laws, regulations, and policies. Additionally, we offer comprehensive training on FERPA and Privacy for you, equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain the highest standards of data privacy. 

  • Unparalleled Support for Faculty Success
    College of Charleston's Service Desk and Knowledge Base at Your Service

    We’re committed to providing exceptional service and support to you. In addition to the top-notch support provided by the Instructional Technologists in the Teaching and Learning Technologies area, the highly responsive Service Desk is readily available to assist you via phone, email or online chat. This ensures prompt resolution of any technical concerns or inquiries. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive knowledge base, empowering you with self-help resources that enable you to find solutions independently and efficiently.