Student Tickets

College of Charleston students can get free and discounted tickets to non-athletic events on campus through the George Street Box Office. Free events on campus do require tickets for entry. You may purchase tickets at the GSBO in person, by phone or by following the Student Ticket link below.

Student Tickets

Student Tutorials

Need some help setting up your account or using the Flex Pack? Read these tutorials.
  • Set up your account

    1. Go to the student login page
    2. If you already have an account, log in with your student email (ending in or your CWID and your password.
    3. If you have not already registered, or have not previously purchased tickets online, you will be required to set up your account. Click the “register” button under the “register here” heading. Then, enter your CWID in the “Student ID” box to register and activate your account.
    4. After entering your CWID, you will need to verify your email address. Once that is done, return to the page with the heading “Activate Account.” There, you will enter a password, phone numbers for receiving tickets over text, and mailing/address information. Once you click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page, your account is set up and you’ll arrive at the student landing page.
    5. The landing page for student tickets has two columns. On the left side of the screen, there should be large buttons with options for types of tickets to purchase: Student Single Tickets, Student Season Tickets, etc. On the right, there will be a George Street Box Office logo with a calendar of upcoming events.
    NOTE: You must use your CofC email address when registering your account. You will receive an error if you do not use your CofC email address.

  • Purchase Student Flex Pack

    1. From the Student Tickets page, which displays two columns, select the option “Student Season Tickets.” If you are having trouble finding the page previously described, make sure that on the top bar of the page you:
      1. hover the cursor over the option “STUDENTS” and
      2. select the option “BUY STUDENT TICKETS”
    2. Once you select “Student Season Tickets,” the right side of the screen should have several options. Make sure to select that year’s Student Flex Pack. Hit the “find tickets” option.
    3. On the Student Flex Pack page, use the plus and minus signs to add as many vouchers as shows you’d like to see. Then add it to your cart by clicking the large red “Add to Cart” button (below your voucher quantity).
      1. NOTE: You can secure a maximum of two Student Flex Packs/eight vouchers for each semester.
      2. NOTE: There is a 10-minute seat reservation timer that will expire if not purchased.
    4. From your cart, click the “checkout” button and enter your payment information.
    5. After placing your order, you will be presented with a confirmation page. You will also receive an email with your confirmation information.
    NOTE: You will get a separate email with instructions on how to redeem your vouchers for specific events.

  • Use Flex Pack Vouchers for Events

    1. Log into the student ticket portal from any screen, or on the homepage, and click “Manage My Account.” This button should be near the middle of the screen, near the top search bar, the logout button, and the promo code text box.
    2. Once in your account screen, click “Exchange” on the right column. It should be the third option down in the right column labeled “My Tickets.”
    3. Select the Student Flex Pack Subscription you have chosen (e.g., “Theatre and Dance 2023-2024 Student Flex Pack Subscription.” The webpage title should be “Exchange.”
    4. By clicking the boxes on the right side of the screen, select the number of vouchers you wish to exchange for a ticket to a particular show.
      1. NOTE: If you wanted use 4 vouchers for 1 show, select 4 on this screen, but if you want only 1 ticket to 1 show, select only 1. Flex Pack Vouchers can be used in any combination - all for one show, or across multiple shows.
    5. Click directly on the large box containing the show title, date, time, and location to select the show you wish to exchange your vouchers for.
      1. NOTE: This will allocate the number of vouchers you selected on the previous screen to the event you choose.
    6. In the left column on the screen, in the “Student Flex Pass Subscriber" box, use the plus and minus buttons to select the quantity of seats you wish to secure for this show, which must match the number of vouchers selected previously.
      1. NOTE: You will receive an error message if the number of seats selected on this screen does not match the number of vouchers you selected previously.

Student Ticket Offers

As of May 7, 2024 

2023-2024 Season

  • Stelle di Domani
    Purchase Student Tickets
    • Deathtrap - May 25-28, 2024 - $12
    • Musical Theatre Revue - May 31, 2024 - $12
    • Under the Lights - June 2-3, 2024 - $12
    • In Love and Death - June 5-6, 2024 - $12
    • It's Itself - June 7-8, 2024 - $12
  • Young Artists Series
    Purchase Student Tickets. 
    • Isn't It Romantic? - May 27 - $10
    • What's Opera Doc? - May 28 - $10
    • The Great American Songbook - May 29 - $10
    • Mostly Mozart - May 30 - $10
    • I'll Take Romance - May 31 - $10
    • Opera at CofC - June 3 - $10
    • My Romance - June 4 - $10
    • To Infinity & Beyond - June 5 - $10
    • Go For Baroque - June 6 - $10
    • CofC Jazz All-Stars - June 7 - $10

2024-2025 Season

For season information including performances, dates and times, please visit the School of the Arts.