Global Scholars Program

Gain a Global Perspective & Competitive Edge

In our interconnected world, employers and organizations are seeing graudates who can think and work globally. 

As a university-wide initiative, the Global Scholars program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to be an effective global citizen.

Launched in 2009 with support from a prestigious U.S. Department of Education grant, Global Scholars provides opportunities for both students and faculty to immerse themselves in international perspectives and experiences. In becoming a Global Scholar, you will demonstrate your proficiency in a foreign language, take courses that explore global issues, participate in study abroad, or colaborate on a study or research project.

The Global Scholars program reflects the College of Charleston's commitment to developing global perspectives of intellectual inquiry. The program is designed to achieve several objectives.

  • To infuse international and global content throughout the curriculum
  • To increase knowledge and understanding of international and global subject matter through structured multidisciplinary study
  • To improve global literacy by developing the ability to read and write in at least one foreign language
  • To expand the capacity to communicate in and work in foreign cultures
  • To develop and improve cross national skills and competencies through immersion in the social and cultural life of a foreign country
  • To enhance awareness and understanding of world issues and events by requiring participation in extra-curricula organizations, seminars, workshops, lectures, performances, and the like

Global Scholars earn a medal worn at Commencement in recognition of their accomplishment upon completion of all requirements.

Requirements & Application