A comprehensive curriculum

Choose from our Geology major, Environmental Geosciences major, Geology minor, or Geoinformatics minor. Our curriculum is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for diverse career opportunities in the geosciences field.

Expand Your Knowledge with Elective Courses

We offer a variety of elective courses that delve into specialized topics and interdisciplinary studies. These courses allow you to explore diverse subjects within the geosciences, giving you a well-rounded education and opportunities to pursue specific areas of interest, and preparing you for a wide range of career opportunities.

Our Degrees

Unlock your potential with our degree programs.
  • B.S. in Environmental Geosciences

    The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geosciences provides a comprehensive understanding of the Earth and its processes. Through a dynamic interdisciplinary lens, you'll delve into core geology courses that cover Earth history, stratigraphy & sedimentation, and water resources. But that's not all! You'll also explore related fields like chemistry and biology or physics to gain a well-rounded education. In an ever-changing world facing challenges like climate change and emerging pollutants, this program offers focused topics that address these pressing issues head-on. Dive deep into courses such as Earth Systems Science and Critical Zone Science to develop expertise in climate change, sustainability science, and more.

    As a program requirement, you'll embark on a 3-4 week travel course Field Studies capstone. This immersive experience will broaden your perspective and enhance your understanding of real-world applications.

    If you're passionate about making a difference in environmental and earth system issues, this program provides an ideal foundation for both future studies and career opportunities.

    Degree Requirements
  • B.S. in Geology

    Take your passion for geology to the next level. Our flagship program, the B.S. in Geology, offers a solid foundation in core geology fields and related sciences, setting you up for success in advanced classes and beyond. With a curriculum that combines theory, practical application and additional math courses, you'll gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field.

    Expand your horizons by selecting from a range of specialized elective classes tailored to your interests. Explore fascinating topics such as marine geology, paleontology, remote sensing & GIS, planetary geology, and natural hazards. Our B.S. program requirements include a 3-4 week travel course Field Studies capstone, giving you firsthand exposure to real-world geological environments.

    Upon graduation, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in geosciences. Our graduates find fulfilling roles in various fields such as fieldwork & data collection, laboratory analysis, geoinformatics, natural hazards, marine geology, and spatial science - and more!

    Degree Requirements
  • B.A. in Geology

    Our Bachelor of Arts in Geology program provides you with a solid understanding of Earth science through a carefully curated selection of geology and science courses. From Environmental Geology to Earth History, you'll begin by gaining an understanding of the fascinating world of our planet's geological processes. As you progress through the program, you'll have the opportunity to explore specific fields such as stratigraphy, paleobiology, and structural geology. 

    We believe in providing flexibility to our students. Unlike the Bachelor of Science programs, the Bachelor of Arts does not require field studies or higher-level math classes. This allows you to explore other academic interests by pursuing a double major.

    Our B.A. program prepares you for a wide range of exciting career paths in the geosciences field. Whether it's environmental consulting, resource management, environmental law, geosciences education, or even business, our curriculum equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel.

    Degree Requirements
  • B.S. in Geology, Paleontology Concentration

    We are proud to be the only institution offering a dedicated paleontology program in South Carolina. Our program offers students a unique opportunity to specialize in the study of Earth's history, focusing specifically on the interpretation of geologic evidence found in the fossil record.

    As part of our program, you will have exclusive access to our renowned Mace Brown Museum of Natural History - a premier facility actively involved in research and public outreach. This unique setting provides invaluable opportunities to participate in museum curation, exhibit preparation, specimen-handling, and public outreach programming.

    The concentration curriculum goes beyond traditional geology courses. You'll have the chance to dive into subjects like The Age of Dinosaurs and take a Virtual Expedition in Paleontology. As a capstone experience, you'll also embark on a 3-4 week travel course called Field Studies in Paleontology, where you'll participate in a real-life dinosaur dig in Wyoming.

    Degree Requirements
  • B.A. in Geology, Paleontology Concentration

    If you have a passion for analyzing and interpreting paleontological evidence, our Bachelor of Arts in Geology with a concentration in Paleontology program is tailored for you. You will learn cutting-edge techniques and methodologies to uncover hidden clues about ancient life forms and their environments.

    As part of your degree program, you'll have the chance to intern at the Mace Brown Museum, where you'll get firsthand experience in museum programming and operations. From curation to exhibit development and public outreach, you'll be prepared for exciting professional opportunities in this growing field.

    Degree Requirements
  • Minor in Geology

    Whether you're majoring in related field or looking to enhance your knowledge in geology and environmental geosciences, our flexible 20-credit minor program is designed to complement any major in other departments. 

    To provide you with a strong grounding in the field, our program starts with the required 8-credit hour introductory sequence. You have the freedom to choose elective courses that align with your interests, allowing you to tailor your education to suit your goals.

    Degree Requirements
  • Minor in Geoinformatics

    Our Geoinformatics program is a unique blend of geosciences and computer science, providing you with a comprehensive background in geospatial science with data management and visualization. With this interdisciplinary degree, you'll gain the skills needed to navigate the rapidly evolving field of geoinformatics.

    Core classes focus on essential topics such as geospatial science, database management, and computer programming. From drone programming and data processing to sustainable urbanism and spatial ecology, our electives allow you to tailor your education to match your interests.

    We offer three specialized tracks within our Geoinformatics program: Marine Geology & Seafloor Mapping, GIS/Remote Sensing, and Geography and Planning. Whether you're majoring in Geology, Environmental Geosciences, Urban Studies, Data Science or any other related field across campus, our Geoinformatics program seamlessly integrates with these majors. 

    By combining your current studies with Geoinformatics, you'll gain a competitive edge in today's job market.

    Degree Requirements

Expand your horizons with Field Studies

A requirement for B.S. Geology and Environmental Geosciences majors

If you're pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Geology (GEOL) or Environmental Geosciences (GENV), a 4-credit summer Field Studies course is an essential component of your degree. It is more than just a requirement - it's an opportunity to broaden your horizons, build lifelong memories, and develop essential skills that will set you apart in your future career.

Our Field Studies program offers you the choice to explore geology and environmental geosciences both within the United States or abroad. Immerse yourself in different landscapes, cultures, and geological phenomena as you embark on an unforgettable learning journey.

An opportunity for all

If you're a non-Geology or Environmental Geosciences major with a passion for geoscience, don't worry! You're welcome to join our Field Studies courses as long as you have completed the required prerequisites. Take your education beyond the classroom and discover the wonders of geology and environmental geosciences in our exciting range of field locations!