Geology & Environmental Geosciences

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Whether you're passionate about studying the Earth's history or dedicated to solving pressing environmental challenges, our department offers a range of programs and courses to help you pursue your interests and carve out a successful career.

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Our courses go beyond textbooks, providing practical and hands-on experiences that prepare you for real-world challenges. From environmental geological consulting to hazards investigation, energy resources to marine geology or space science, our programs prepare you for various professional avenues. 

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Whether you're aiming for immediate employment or planning to continue your education at the graduate level, our programs provide a solid foundation for success. Join us at the College of Charleston Geology and Environmental Geosciences Department and unlock your potential in this dynamic field!

During sophomore year, I took the BEAMS Seafloor Mapping courses, an experience that elevated my interest in geology. Since then, geology has become intertwined with my goals, interests, and passions.

Miles Thompson '24