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Get involved in student organizations and activities to enhance your French and Italian language skills and immerse yourself in the dynamic cultural exchange within our diverse community.

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Explore opportunities to enhance your College of Charleston experience with clubs, organizations, events, and travel.
  • French Club

    Practice your French language skills in a fun, friendly, social environment!

    Whether you're a current student of French or have taken it in the past consider joining us. It's an excellent venue for meeting others with similar interests.

    French Club on Cougar Connect
  • Italian Club


    Do you love the Italian language? Are you fascinated by Italian culture? Or do you think that Italy is just the coolest place in the world? Well then the Italian Club at College of Charleston is the place for you! We would love to have you join us as we share our love for all things Italian with the rest of our community.

    Come meet other students who share your interests and have some fun.

    Contact Michael Maher, Ph.D. for more information. 

  • La Maison Française
    Live at La Maison Française

    La Maison Française
    6 Bull Street 

    La Maison Française is a residential living and learning community for the study and understanding of the French language and culture.

    Minimum Requirements:

    • Completion of French 102 (or proof of equivalent)

    Located in a historic home one block from campus, La Maison Français provides an attractive living arrangement for students interested in majoring, double majoring or minoring in French.

    International students from France or Francophone regions of the world as well as international students with an interest in the French-speaking world are also strongly encouraged to apply.

    For more information, please contact: Prof. Margaret Keneman 

    La Maison Française Application
  • National French Honor Society - Pi Delta Phi

    The National French Honor Society, Pi Delta Phi, seeks to recognize excellence in the study of Itlaina and to provide an incentive for higher scholarship.

    Pi Delta Phi is open to students whop meet the following requirements:

    • The student has at least a 3.0 overall grade point average.
    • The student is in the top 35% of their class.
    • The student has sucessfully completed at least one 300-level French course (FREN 313 and above).
  • Study Abroad

    Enhance your language skills and immerse yourself in French or Italian culture.

    The Department of French, Francophone, and Italian Studies offers a variety of study abroad opportunities in France and Italy. 

    More on France/Italy Study Abroad
  • Nuovo Cinema Italiano Film Festival

    The Nuovo Cinema Italiano Film Festival transports students directly into modern Italian culture through the lens of contemporary Italian filmmaking.

    Students can deepen language proficiency, cultural literacy, and critical thinking skills by engaging with renowned cinema not typically screened in the United States.

    Panel discussions with industry directors, screenwriters, and producers also provide unparalleled networking opportunities.

    The festival immerses students in Italian arts, storytelling, and societal commentaries – sparking perspective and creativity. Students are also exposed to divese outlooks while examining complex characters, relationships, and revealing portrayals of modern-day Italian life.

    More About Nuovo Cinema Italiano