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Facilities Management is located at 133 Calhoun Street in downtown Charleston, within the block bounded by King and Meeting cross-streets as shown on this map.

Map and building (133 Calhoun Street)

Our 22,731sqft. facility was constructed in 1850 to house the casket factory of J.M. Connelley Company, Charleston’s leader in funeral services from 1886 until 1979. The casket factory was just one part of the Calhoun Street - Burns Lane block that also included the company's mortuary, coffin-storage facility, greenhouses, and stables.

Visitor parking is not available in front of the building, with the exception of one wheelchair accessible parking space nearest to the main entrance. These spaces are reserved for our fleet vehicles. Parking is available in the College's garage at 89 St. Philip St., and at the Marion Square Parking Garage at 399 King Street. Metered parking may also be available along Calhoun St and Meeting St.

Upon arrival, please check in at the Customer Service Center on the right side of the main lobby.

Presentation Instructions

It is best to bring your own computer to connect to the screen for your presentation. There are no guest accounts readily available on the conference room computers. If your presentation is only located on a flashdrive or in cloud storage, a Facilities Management employee must log in and load your presentation, which may add additional setup time.

The screens in the Conference Rooms at the Physical Plant building are equipped with HDMI cables located behind each screen. USB-C to HDMI adapters are also available in the cabinets, if your computer does not have an HMDI port.

Wi-Fi connectivity is available for visitors by using the CofC-Guest network. Please remember to authenticate your connection via e-mail within 10 minutes, or your connection will be lost.

If any assistance is needed, contact information for our internal Technology Support is available on the "Instructions for External Visitors" information sheet in the conference rooms.



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