Contract Awards


Issue DateCompany NameProject NameProject AddressStatement of Award
June 17, 2024Southern Wall Systems40 Coming Egress Stair Wall Stabalization40 Coming Street, Charleston, SC 29424Statement of Award (PDF)
April 8, 2024Archer ConstructionRoofing Maintenance - 2, 4, 6, 8 Bull2, 4, 6, and 8 Bull Street, Charleston, SC 29424Statement of Award (PDF)
March 15, 2024Satchel Construction, LLC22 Glebe St - Piazza Restoration22 Glebe Street, Charleston, SC 29424Statement of Award (PDF)
March 13, 2024Chastain Construction, LLCSwing Space Refresh for 329 King Street & Bell Building 3rd Floor329 King Street, Charleston SC 29401, and 81 St. Philip Street, Charleston SC 29424Statement of Award (PDF)

Policy Statements

Below is a subsection of the OSE Manual (2023 Edition) - CHAPTER 8, MISCELLANEOUS PROCUREMENTS (PDF)please click the link to read the full policy statement.

8.3.4 Special Requirement for Purchases Over $50,000 but Less Than $100,000: 

  • D. Projects Within the Agency’s Construction Contract Certification. 
    • 1. The Agency must choose one of the following methods to proceed
      • a. Advertising in SCBO: The Agency will complete the ad online at and must provide a link to a completed pdf of the SE-311, page 1, in the Description of Project section in the SCBO ad.
      • b. Directly Soliciting Quotes from three (3) or more Contractors: The Agency will distribute the completed SE-311 and the project documents to qualified Contractors to submit written quotes.
    • 2. The Agency can open quotes any time after the Quote Due Date & Time. No public opening should take place; however, the Agency should create a Quote Tabulation for information
    • 3. Posting Notice of Award: After determining the lowest responsive and responsible source, the Agency will post the SE-375 at the location indicated in the Invitation and send a copy of the SE-375 and the Quote Tabulation electronically to all those who submitted a quote. These contracts are immediately effective upon posting the SE-375 and the Agency may direct the Contractor to start work even though the time to protest the award has not passed.
    • 4. No Quotes Received: If the Agency does not receive any quotes prior to Quote Due Date and Time, they shall close out the procurement by posting an SE-375 with “No Quotes Received” shown as the Name of Offeror.
    • 5. No Contract to Be Awarded: If the Agency does not intend to award a contract to any of the Offerors, they shall close out the procurement by posting the SE-375 with “No Contract to be Awarded” shown as the Name of Offeror and indicate the reason under “Remarks”. Attach the Quote Tabulation to the SE-375 and send them to all Offerors.
    • 6. Before starting work the Agency must complete an SE-580, sign the Agency Certification and Approval, and provide a copy to the Contractor. If required, the SE-962 shall be signed by all parties and a copy provided to all parties.

Bidder's right to protest as listed in section 11-35-4210 in the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code applies to this award. Protest to be filed with:

Chief Procurement Officer
Materials Management Office
1201 Main Street, Suite 600
Columbia, SC 29201
Facsimile: 803-737-0639

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