A Welcome Message to Prospective Students

renee mccauleyI would like to welcome you to the Department of Computer Science at the College of Charleston. I hope you are reading this because you are interested in computing, and are considering studying at the College.


Computing and its applications (social media, computer games, airplane and automobile software, etc.) are all around us. Algorithms and the people who create them are shaping society. This is here to stay and, chances are, that it will be intensified in the years to come.  Skilled professionals, academics, and researchers are needed to develop new software, theories, and applications, as well as to maintain and update existing ones. From cybersecurity to gaming, from big data to microcontrollers, from scientific applications to artistic installations, software is everywhere. You can also play your part in helping shape the future of technology and our society. 

Why study at the College of Charleston?  

We have a rich history (13th oldest institution in the US) with a strong liberal arts and sciences foundation. We place a strong emphasis on undergraduate education and also offer excellent graduate degree programs. Charleston is an amazing city, with a booming local tech industry, which provides many opportunities for internships and future employment.

We offer six cutting-edge undergraduate degree programs - a nationally-accredited Computer Science B.S. degree, a Computer Science B.A. degree, a Software Engineering degree, and three multi-disciplinary, innovative degrees: Computing in the Arts (BA)Computer Information Systems (BS), and Data Science (BS). At the graduate level, we offer a Master's degree and graduate certificates in Computer and Information Sciences, with specializations in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Software Engineering and Information Systems. We also offer a Master's degree in Data Science and Analytics, the first ever in the state of South Carolina. 

We have an outstanding faculty with a small student to faculty ratio, which provides opportunities for personalized learning and individual attention. We have small class sizes and provide excellent faculty-student mentorships.  

We offer numerous undergraduate research opportunities with world-class faculty and numerous state-of-the-art research labs. A research experience can strengthen your portfolio and enhance your academic experience. Many of our undergraduate researchers travel to international conferences to present papers with their mentors. You can also have a study abroad experience.

We have four active student clubs that offer a myriad of fun, engaging, and educational experiences for students. We also have active alumni who maintain contact with the department and help open industry doors for our newest graduates. 

We live in exciting times! Computing is here to stay and is shaping the world. And you can be a part of it! 
Department Chair 

If you would like to visit the Department of Computer Science or you have any questions, contact us.