Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Explore the natural universe through science and technology.

Three College of Charleston Chemistry students work on an experiment.

Investigate the properties and reactions of substances with your studies in chemistry. Or, unravel the chemical processes and molecular nature of living things through biochemistry

You'll work with our distinguished faculty in hands-on lab learning and undergraduate research using innovative tools and technology.

Whether you’re interested in learning how to design new molecules for the next generation of pharmaceuticals, make better and lighter batteries, or you want to know why different diseases develop, you should consider a major in chemistry or biochemistry.

Learning in a challenging yet supportive environment will prepare you for competitive graduate programs, medical school or careers in healthcare, energy, materials and beyond.

HUB for Current Students

Undergraduate Programs

Majoring in chemistry or biochemistry puts you on the path to many different career opportunities in industry, research, forensics, medicine and healthcare, law and environmental science. In addition to traditional courses in organic, inorganic, physical, analytical and biochemistry, we also offer unique elective courses that include the Chemistry of Alcohol, Environmental Chemistry and Biochemical Basis of Disease.
  • Major in Chemistry

    Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

    B.S. in Chemistry is designed for students planning to pursue advanced degrees or preparing for research-oriented careers in the chemical industry.

    In addition, you'll gain extensive lab experience while working hands-on with sophisticated instruments and analytical tools in both teaching and research labs.

    Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

    Customize your chemistry studies to align with your interests and career aspirations. The B.A. in Chemistry offers more opportunities for a flexible curriculum, allowing you to broaden your College of Charleston experience with a second major or study abroad.

  • Major in Biochemistry

    Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

    The B.S. degree in Biochemistry gives you a solid foundation in chemistry along with introductory biology and physics.  You’ll build on that foundation with upper-level classes and by choosing from specialized biochemistry courses like Biochemical Basis of Disease, Bioanalytical Chemistry, and Medicinal Chemistry.

    The program is designed to prepare you for competitive graduate and medical/professional programs. With your B.S. degree, you may also go directly into industry opportunities in biomanufacturing, biotechnology, agriculture, food science, and environmental engineering. 

    Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry

    The only B.A. in Biochemistry in the state, the College of Charleston program requires fewer credit hours than the B.S. degree, allowing you to pursue multiple interests or a double-major while earning your biochemistry degree.

  • Minor in Chemistry

    Enhance your major with a richer understanding of the elemental building blocks shaping our world. 

    A chemistry minor complements nearly any field and can provide you with lab techniques and skills benefiting health sciences, engineering, environmental studies and more.

  • Chemistry Teacher-Education Program (Grades 9-12)

    Make an impact and share your love of chemistry as a high school chemistry teacher

    Through the program, you'll prepare for certification and your career in education with a comprehensive understanding of chemistry and specialized training in educational theories and effective teaching strategies.

Chemistry/Biochemistry by the Numbers

Advanced degree or go directly to the chemical industry, we'll help prepare you for what's next in your career.

Goldwater Scholars in the last decade

Our record for mentoring student researchers makes us one of the leading producers of Goldwater Scholars in the state.

Students continuing to STEM graduate programs

About one-third of our students continue to graduate programs with most going to Chemistry Ph.D. programs at R1 institutions.

Majors engaged in undergraduate research

Research opportunities are available directly with College of Charleston faculty and area industry partners.

Graduates continuing to professional programs

Our majors matriculate into professional programs including medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, business and law.