Internships provide you with real-world experience; a chance to discover your career passion and resume-enriching activities.

Internships are at the heart of your early career journey. They provide you with hands-on experience, a chance to discover what you do - and don't - like, and resume-enriching activities such as "created," "managed," "exceeded," "published" and "designed."

At the Career Center, we can help you with resources to find an internship. We can help you prepare your resume and cover letter. In some cases, we even provide you with some training and a monetary stipend through the Career Center Internship Award.

Internship Resources

Connect, apply and gain valuable hands-on experience in your professional field.
  • Finding an Internship

    Whether you are searching for an internship in Charleston or another city, networking is crucial for success. Utilize the comprehensive resources we provide.

    Discuss your interests with the Career Center staff, professors, departmental internship coordinators, family and friends. You never know who may have contacts that can help.

    Campus Internship Resources

    • Handshake
      College of Charleston’s online platform for internships, part-time and full-time jobs.

      Check out Handshake

    • Internship and Job Fairs
      The Career Center hosts Career Fairs each fall and spring semester. Attend these events and talk directly with potential employers.

      Check out Handshake for updated information on upcoming Career Fairs.

    • On-Campus Interviews
      Check Handshake for a list of companies interviewing on campus.

    • Informational Interviews
      The purpose of an informational interview is not to ask for an internship or job, but it can be helpful in expanding your industry network and make it more likely to learn of possible opportunities.

      Schedule an appointment with the Career Center to learn more. Current students, visit the Hub for additional resources. 
  • Academic Credit & Certificate Internship Program

    In addition to gaining valuable experience through an internship, your academic department may offer academic credit.

    Contact your academic department to see if this is an option for you.

    If your department does not offer academic credit for your internship, you may still be eligible for the Certificate Internship Program.

    Through the program, your internship will be officially recognized by the College of Charleston’s Career Center.

    Schedule an appointment with the Career Center to learn more.
  • Career Center Internship Award

    The Career Center Internship Award provides professional development, résumé guidance, interviewing skills and a monetary stipend to rising sophomores and juniors in any major seeking a summer internship.

    The Internship Award