Parking Around Campus

Parking in downtown Charleston can be "challenging." 

However, we're in a historic city on a historic campus, so we call it "charming."

To help avoid a frustrating parking spot search, we recommend that visitors to the campus use one of three city parking garages. It will save you time and give you the freedom to enjoy the city after your tour - without having to remember to put more (digital) coins in the parking meter.

Please review all posted/fees at the garage entrance:

St. Philip Street Garage located on St. Philip Street between Vanderhorst Street and Calhoun Street
Address: 89 St. Philip Street

Francis Marion/Marion Square Garage located on King Street between Vanderhorst and Calhoun Street
Address: 399 King Street

George Garage located on St. Philip Street between George Street and Liberty Street
Address: 34 St. Philip Street

REMINDER: Please do not park in College of Charleston faculty/staff or student parking spaces. You could be ticketed or towed. We're not kidding.