International Scholarships & Partnerships

The College of Charleston is a state-affiliated institution which means tuition rates differ for resident and non-resident students. While our academic fees are less than those of many other institutions in the state of South Carolina, and across the nation, we recognize that the cost of attending college in the U.S. is a significant expense in the family budget.


International Scholarship Opportunities

While the College of Charleston cannot offer international students need-based financial aid, the following scholarships are available to international students. All scholarships are renewable up to four years (8 semesters). 
  • International Ambassador Scholarship

    $10,000 per year

    The International Ambassador Scholarship is awarded to admitted international students (intended F-1 visa holders). This scholarship does not require a separate application, you will be automatically considered when you apply as an international student.

  • Departmental Scholarships

    Departmental Scholarships are offered by individual academic departments. Applications open on November 1.

    Learn more about applying for Departmental Scholarships.

  • Sister-State Scholarships

    The College of Charleston offers in-state (resident) tuition rates to qualified international students who are residents of sister-states pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Citizens of the following are eligible for resident (in-state) tuition:

    • Rheinland Pfalz, Germany
    • Thüringen, Germany
    • Brandenburg, Germany
    • Queensland, Australia
    • Taiwan

    The Sister-State agreement program was established through the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and is offered at-will by the College of Charleston. Applicants must be admitted to an academic degree program at the College of Charleston and must demonstrate citizenship from one of the five Sister-State agreement locations with a valid passport. Resident (in-state) tuition is applicable throughout all years of study in an academic program.



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  • Honors College Scholarships

    If you choose to apply to our Honors College, you will be automatically considered for these scholarships. You must submit your application and all supporting documents by November 1, the Honors College Priority deadline.