Master of Education in Languages

Expand your horizons! This program offers a unique opportunity to delve into language education, teaching strategies and global fluency. Start the path towards diverse career opportunities.

The College of Charleston is one of the most robust and comprehensive institutions for the study of languages and cultures. Our program has an international reputation for excellence.

The M.Ed. in Languages is a graduate degree that allows students to develop cross-cultural competence and global fluency. You will understand the processes of language acquisition. Enhance your skills in teaching others to improve language and culture.

Our program features faculty from around the world, including Spain, Belgium, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and diverse regions of the United States. Their research specialties and training include the most recent advances in the teaching of languages, cross-cultural awareness and language acquisition theories.

The M.Ed. in Languages is designed to meet the demands of working professionals with classes offered online. Students in the program have the option of selecting the emphasis that best suits their career aspirations. Concentrate your studies in Spanish or Multilingual Learners (ESOL).

Concentration Areas

  • Multilingual Learner Education
    • With a focus on diverse language learners, the Multilingual Learners (MLL) specification is designed for educators who want to work with a diverse range of students, including those who are non-native English speakers. It encompasses teaching English to speakers of other languages and understanding the needs of multilingual learners in various educational settings. This specification equips educators with the knowledge and skills. You will be able to facilitate the acquisition of the English language. You'll enable non-native English speakers to communicate effectively. Graduates of this specification are prepared to teach in multicultural and multilingual classrooms. They often focus on helping students from various linguistic backgrounds excel in English-speaking educational environments.
  • Spanish Education
    • The Spanish-speaking specification is tailored for educators interested in teaching the Spanish language. It delves into Spanish language instruction, culture and teaching methodologies. This specification focuses on enhancing students' proficiency in the Spanish language, both in speaking and writing. It may also explore the cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking regions. Unlike the Multilingual Learners specification, which encompasses multiple languages and the teaching of English. The Spanish-speaking specification is centered around Spanish language teaching and learning.

Why earn your M.Ed. in Languages at the College of Charleston

  • Comprehensive Program: Our M.Ed. program covers language education, cross-cultural awareness, and language acquisition, providing a well-rounded education.
  • Flexibility: Our program is designed for working professionals. You can complete your degree online from anywhere in the world.
  • In-Demand Skills: The growing multilingual learner population creates a high demand for educators and consultants in various fields.
  • Networking: Benefit from our alumni network and faculty involvement at state and national levels.

Careers & Outcomes

Graduates of our program are prepared for diverse careers. You may pursue a position in fields such as:
  • teaching.
  • consulting with businesses.
  • public health.
  • medical environments.
Companies seek our experts. Our alumni have excelled in roles such as language consultants, educators and international business liaisons.

“The M.Ed. in Languages gave me a more flexible schedule, better preparation to teach a wider variety of students, and the tools to become a more effective educator. It allowed me to better convey my expertise to students and has helped me to develop valuable relationships with colleagues who have become important resources for my continued growth and development.” - Marisol Castro-Calzada ‘08

how to apply

The entire application process is online. The documents outlined below are required components of the application. A file is not complete until all documents have been submitted and processed, so read carefully and prepare your application materials in advance of applying. 
  • Dates & Deadlines


    • Priority: January 15 
    • Final: July 1 


    • Priority: January 15 
    • Final: April 1 


    • Priority: November 1 
    • Final: December 1 
  • Admission Criteria
    • A bachelor's degree with a GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. 
    • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and any graduate coursework taken. If you have a teaching license, please include a copy as part of your application. 
    • A statement of goals and why you want to pursue a master's degree in languages. 
    • Two letters of recommendation. 
    • For candidates applying to the Spanish emphasis, a bachelor's degree in Spanish, or at least 30 credit hours of Spanish coursework, or evidence of high-level proficiency in the language (including the ability to take graduate-level coursework in Spanish) is required. 
    • Evidence of command of English (if English is not the primary language). A TOEFL score of 79 or greater is required. 

    Note: We do not require the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for admission to our program. 

    The M.Ed. in Languages does not lead to initial teacher certification. If you are interested in our program and do not have a teaching license, please contact the program director to discuss your career goals and aspirations. 

    Students with ML/ESOL Certificates are particularly encouraged to apply. Contact the program director to discuss transfer credit of your certificate toward the master’s degree program.