Faculty Research

Ongoing faculty research benefits students, the College of Charleston, and society, as well as the individual scholar. When they are engaged in research, our faculty model for our students the excitement of continuous learning. Today's students need to understand not only the methodology of the learning approach to problem-solving, but also the personal fulfillment and joy that comes with it. Students at the College work closely with our faculty, learning through their research the discovery process used to generate further understanding and knowledge. Information about research and support for research is provided below.

Faculty Research

Resources to assist faculty in their research.
  • Research and Grants Administration

    The Office of Research and Grants Administration (ORGA) promotes external funding for research, academic projects and scholarly activities, and compliance with applicable regulations and College policies and procedures relating to research activities.

    ORGA is a central source of information on major government agencies, foundations, and corporations which impact research and scholarship.

  • Faculty Research and Development Committee

    The Faculty Research and Development Committee is a committee of the College faculty charged with the responsibility to support and encourage faculty research and development at the College. The committee supports a wide range of professional activities that will benefit the College and the professional development of the faculty member. However, the committee identifies as a priority the support of faculty in their initial years at the College. The committee recognizes that research and faculty development vary from discipline to discipline. Although this program is open to all faculty members, preference is given to faculty who are tenured or who hold tenure-track appointments. Individuals and groups are welcome to apply for projects including research, professional non-degree training, interdisciplinary learning, and work with professionals outside the College. Proposals leading to external funding and proposals with interdisciplinary dimensions are also encouraged.

    Faculty R&D Committee
  • Sabbatical

    Sabbatical leave is paid time exempt from normal duties granted to faculty members for the accomplishment of professional development programs. The Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs is the coordinating office for all sabbatical activities.

    Tenured faculty members and Senior Instructors in their sixth successive full academic year of full-time academic service at the College of Charleston since initial appointment or since a previous sabbatical leave may apply for sabbatical leave to commence during the following year. Unless specifically requested and granted by the Provost at the time a leave of absence was taken, years of leave do not count toward the six successive years of full time service required for a sabbatical leave. Unless otherwise indicated in an appointment letter, years in a visiting appointment do not count towards the six years of full-time service.


    Sabbatical Leave Policy

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