Office of Student Services and Credentialing

Guiding future teachers toward success.

male teacher smiling at table of college studentsOur office provides guidance and support to education students as they navigate clinical internships, certification, and other support services at the School of Education. 

What We Do

Welcome to the Office of Student Services and Credentialing (OSSC) at the College of Charleston, where we shape the future of education. As a student in one of our teacher education programs, you’ll need to complete an internship or clinical. OSSC places you in local public schools for field and clinical experience. This way, you’ll get to apply your classroom knowledge, skills and dispositions in real-world settings. 


Our mission is to help our students navigate their journey as an education major at the School of Education. We provide academic advising resources to current education majors, place students in field experiences and final semester clinical internships in local schools, and counsel students on the Praxis process.

You will gain the expertise and confidence needed to embark on a successful teaching career. Our office supports you in meeting the rigorous requirements for initial teacher licensure. Join us on this rewarding journey towards becoming a licensed, passionate educator.  

Navigating a successful path in teaching

Faculty, staff and administration in the School of Education work with our PK-12 partner schools to integrate resources and expertise to support students' learning through experience. Our goal is to design, implement and evaluate field experiences and clinical practice so the teacher candidates develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to help all students learn.

It is the policy of the School of Education that assignments for field experience and clinical practice placements are made within the Tri-County area (Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley). If an appropriate placement is not available within the Tri-County area, the School of Education reserves the right to place the student in the closest appropriate placement.

What you need to know

The information below is a quick guide to set you on the right path of becoming a successful student in Teacher Education.
  • Undergraduate Education Major

    Once you declare your major in Teacher Education, you will be assigned a School of Education faculty advisor. The first meeting with your advisor will occur within 30 days of your declaration.

    Currently enrolled College of Charleston can learn more about the declaration process on the Hub.

  • Transfer Students

    Transfer students must have official transcripts evaluated by the Transfer Resource Center to determine transfer credit equivalency. Potential students may also access a “Transfer Equivalency Database” available in the “Transfer Credit” area of the Transfer Resource Center website. The database will allow inquirers to view how courses from United States institutions have been previously evaluated for transfer to the College of Charleston. The Transfer Equivalency Database is not official and is subject to change but serves as a resource to identify potential transfer credit. The Transfer Resource Center will complete a formal evaluation of transfer credit after students are offered admission to the College of Charleston.

    All education courses and those that might be considered to meet core or professional requirements will be further evaluated by the School of Education.

  • Praxis Core assessment

    Praxis Core assesses reading, math and writing; it is required for admission to undergraduate teacher education at CofC and for teacher certification. You do NOT need to take Praxis Core if you earned minimum SAT or ACT scores.



  • Field Experience

    Field experiences allow students to apply and reflect on their content, professional, instructional knowledge, skills and dispositions with students, peers, and professionals. Teacher candidates work collaboratively with other candidates, SOE faculty and staff and school-based personnel to critique and reflect on teaching practice and effects on student learning with the goal of improving practice. Field experiences facilitate candidates’ exploration of their knowledge, skills and dispositions related to all students.

    Current teacher candidates can read through or request additional information on the Hub.

  • Clinical practice internship

    Clinical practice is the culminating experience for teacher candidates in the undergraduate and graduate initial teacher education programs. The OSSC conducts clinical practice information sessions every semester for candidates that are submitting applications. Attendance at one information session is mandatory and must be fulfilled two semesters prior to clinical practice.

    Currently enrolled College of Charleston students can learn more about the clinical internship on the Hub.