Tutoring Services

Most tutoring is offered in a drop-in lab setting. Labs are open morning, afternoon, and evening hours Monday-Thursday, with limited hours on Sunday. Tutoring by appointment is available for selected courses. 

Tutoring Options

Our tutoring options offer something for everyone!
  • Drop-In Tutoring

    Located on the first floor of the Addlestone Library, access to our drop-in tutoring is easier than ever! Simply check the schedule to make sure a tutor is here for your desired subject and come on in.

    Drop-In Lab Schedules on the Hub
  • Tutoring by Appointment

    Tutoring is available by appointment for select courses: Languages (other than Spanish), Music/Music Theory, Art History, Logic, and Psychology. Appointments are also available through the Presentation Prep Lab for assistance with presentations and public speaking.

    Limited appointments are available outside our normal hours in select areas: Math, Writing, Computer Science, Spanish, Chemistry, and Presentation Prep.

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