Fees & Insurance

Although Student Health Services does not charge for care, necessary medical care at other facilities such as at ERs or with specialists can be expensive and the benefit of insurance coverage is substantial.

Health Insurance

It's college. Be prepared. Things can happen.

Although the College of Charleston does not require most students to have health insurance, we strongly urge all students to maintain adequate health insurance. 

International Students
International students with F-1 and J-1 student visas are required to have health insurance that covers them while in the United States.

Uninsured Students
Uninsured students and their parents can take advantage of insurance offered to College of Charleston students through AHP Care


All registered students pay a health fee as part of their registration fees. This health fee covers many, but not all, of the services provided at Student Health Services.

The fee does cover unlimited visits with the medical and nursing staff.

Current Students: Visit the Student Health Center Hub site for more insurance and fees information.