Undergraduate Programs

On its own, or in combination with complementary double majors or minors, a degree in Spanish can provide a firm foundation for success and advancement in any number of careers or in graduate and professional schools.

Spanish Major

Enhance your future job prospects with our Spanish major and open doors to limitless opportunities in a globalized world. You'll immerse yourself in a comprehensive exploration of language, literature, and culture with opportunities to try out your skills by studying abroad in Spain, Cuba, Argentina or Chile.

Majors in Spanish are required to take a proficiency exam (Oral Proficiency Interview) during their last year prior to graduation. 

Spanish Minor

One of our most popular minors, the Spanish minor is a perfect compliment to virtually any major. Your ability to speak Spanish provides you with yet another distinctive skillset to expand your career opportunities.

Business Language Minor in Spanish

From business negotiations to cross-cultural collaborations, the Business Language minor in Spanish  equips you with a versatile skill set, opening doors to diverse career paths.

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies Minor

Learn to speak and write the language and be swept away by the enchanting rythm of Brazilian culture. In addition to providing an array of unique educational opportunities, you'll gain cross-cultural awareness, expand your horizons, and build connections in an increasingly globalized market.

Linguistics Studies Minor

Decipher the workings of human expression and the minute details that shape our interactions. With a focus on analytical thinking and problem-solving, you'll develop skills that are applicable across careers, from technology to education and any field requiring effective communication.

Spanish Teacher Education (Grades PK-12) Major

You've always wanted to be a teacher and you have a passion and a gift for Spanish. We have your major.  With Spanish Teached Education, you'll gain an understanding of educational theory, learn to create engaging and effective learning environments, and  prepared to be licnesed as a Spanish teacher.

Oral Proficiency Interviews

Graduating seniors majoring in Spanish are required to take the OPIc [Oral Proficiency Interview - computer] language proficiency evaluation in order to determine their achieved level of language proficiency. Seniors will receive an email inviting them to sign up. 

To schedule your OPIc, please contact Dr. Shawn Morrison, Associate Dean of the School of Languages Cultures and World Affairs, at MorrisonSH@cofc.edu.

Global Scholars also take the OPIc to evaluate their language proficiency. For more information, please see the Foreign Language Proficiency requirements here. Questions regarding Global Scholars should be directed to Dr. Joseph Weyers at weyersj@cofc.edu.

Please allow 60 minutes to take the test. 

If you are a native or heritage speaker of a language other than English and wish to be exempted from the language requirement at College of Charleston, or you wish to place at a higher level, please contact the program offering that language for placement procedures. For Spanish or Portuguese, please send an email to hisp@cofc.edu.

If you fluently speak a language that the College does not teach and wish to be exmpted from the foreign laguage requirement, please contact Shawn Morrison, Associate Dean of the School of Languages Cultures and World Affairs, at morrisonsh@cofc.edu.

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