Sottile Theatre

The College of Charleston's beautiful and historic Sottile Theatre serves as a performance and event venue for the College and the community. In addition to the 785-seat theatre, this facility also offers several lobby areas, an outdoor balcony terrace, and a garden for reception venues. From operas, plays, musicals, ballets and concerts, to receptions and conferences, the Sottile Theatre is the perfect venue for most any event.

Tickets to Sottile Events

Explore the full calendar of events currently on sale in the Sottile Theatre and elsewhere on the College of Charleston campus through the George Street Box Office link below.

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Rent the Sottile Theatre

Information about the Sottile Theatre, our rental fees, booking policy and venue information can be found in our Venue Rental page.

All rental inquiries must go through the Rental Request Form. Any phone or email inquiries will be directed to this form before dates or availability are discussed.

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