Claire Wofford

Claire Wofford

Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of Pre-Law Advising Program


Ph.D. in Political Science, Emory University

J.D., Duke School of Law

B.A. in Political Science, Wellesley College

Research Interests

Wofford’s research interests are in the field of American politics, with a particular emphasis on the U.S. legal system. Her work has appeared in Law & Society Review, Journal of Law & Courts, Justice System Journal, Political Science Quarterly, Politics & Gender, American Politics Research, and Journal of Political Science, among others. She is currently exploring whether and how litigants constrain judicial decision-making at the U.S. Supreme Court and how gender shapes the civil litigation process.

Courses Taught

Wofford teaches courses on American Government, Constitutional Law, Civil Liberties, and Equality and the Law.

Press and Media

Wofford has also offered commentary and opinion pieces for a variety of print, radio and television media, including The Baltimore Sun, The Post & Courier, Christian Science Monitor, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Politico, The Conversation, and National Public Radio.