A message from the Chair


The College of Charleston, like public institutions throughout the country, are increasingly called upon to rely on non-tax-based sources to operate and maintain the levels of quality, value and impact that their students, alumni, and communities expect. Now more than ever philanthropic giving is critical for us to continue to achieve our goals of education, research, and service to the community.

Please consider giving to one of the funds associated with the Department of Mathematics through the College of Charleston Foundation at the link below. Your generosity helps to provide opportunities for student travel to conferences, helps with research, and general student support. Plus, you can help to continue provide award funding to students through two award funds.

Thank you,

Tom Kunkle

Chair, Department of Mathematics



Give to the Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics funds

  • General Math Department Fund
  • Math Graduate Program Fund
  • Ewa Wojcicka Memorial Math Award Fund
  • Sue Prazak Award for Future Math Teachers Fund


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