As the landscape of healthcare continues to evolve, pharmacists play an even more critical role. They are the medication experts and ensure the safety and effective use of drugs for patients.

As a pharmacist, you'll possess an in-depth knowledge of drug interactions, side effects and pharmacokinetics as you help patients navigate the intricate world of medications. From carefully reviewing perscriptions and counseling patients on proper usage to monitoring drug therapies and recommending adjustments, you will be a cornerstone in delivering personalized and comprehensive pharamaceutical care.

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Pre-Pharmacy Advising Guide

While there is no "pre-pharmacy major" at the College of Charleston, the following guide and consultation with your Pre-Health Professions Advisor can help prepare you for your application and potential admission to pharmacy school.
  • Undergraduate Preparation/Prerequisites

    Each pharmacy school establishes its own set of prerequisites. The following lists common prerequisite courses for admission into pharmacy school. Always check the websites of the veterinary programs that you are most interested in applying to for complete requirements.

    • General Chemistry with labs (8 semester hours)
    • Organic Chemistry with labs (8 semester hours)
    • Anatomy and Physiology (6 semester hours)
    • General Biology (6 semester hours)
    • Microbiology (3 semester hours)
    • Physics (3 semester hours)
    • Mathematics (3 semester hours)
    • Statistics (3 semester hours)
    • English (6 semester hours)
    • Behavioral Science (Psychology, Sociology) (6 semester hours) 

    PCAT, GRE and Standardized Admission Tests

    The Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) was retired in 2024 and is no longer required for admission to U.S. pharmacy schools.

    Always check with the programs you are interested in applying to for complete admission requirements.

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  • Timeline

    First Year

    • Declare your major. Identify yourself as a pre-health profession student on the major declaration form.
    • Make an appointment/get to know your advisors. Discuss your academic game plan. Check in regularly to discuss your academic progress.
    • Begin taking your basic science courses.
    • Get involved with volunteer and service opportunities (campus and community).

    Sophomore Year

    • Continue with your sequence of courses.
    • Stay involved in extracurricular activities (shadowing, service, volunteer). Consider leadership positions in these groups.
    • Visit your professors during office hours (You will need letters of recommendation).
    • Visit Health Professions Advising to begin assessing competitiveness.
    • Identify the dentistry programs that you want to apply to. Develop your PharmCAS preparation plan.

    Junior Year

    • Talk to your advisors about competitiveness.
    • Register for the GRE (Fall) Don't miss the deadlines!
    • Study and take the GRE (Spring/Summer).
    • Identify three to four individuals to write letters of recommendation (Spring).
    • Complete and submit your application PharmCAS (Pharmacy College Application Service) (Spring/Summer).
    • Continue engaging in activities.

    Senior Year

    • Meet with your advisor.
    • Get a degree audit and apply for graduation.
    • Ensure your application materials are organized and submitted within the deadlines (earlier is always better)
    • Prepare for interviews (if applicable).
    • Interview and wait.
    • Explore sources for financial aid.
    • Send updated transcripts directly to the schools to which you applied (Spring).
    • Discuss alternative plans with your advisor if necessary.
    • Finish your degree requirements and graduate.

  • Dual Degree: Biology to Doctor of Pharmacy

    The College of Charleston, in collaboration with the MUSC College of Pharmacy, offer an exclusive dual-degree program that guarantees up to five incoming first-year students a place in the MUSC College of Pharmacy. This program allows students to complete a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in one year less than the traditional path.

    In this program, you'll spend your first three years at the College majoring in biology and gaining practical experience through job shadowing pharmacists.

    In your fourth year, you'll transfer to MUSC while remaining part of the College. You will receive your bachelor’s degree in biology at the end of this year and continue at MUSC to complete your Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

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