Report a Concern

Cougar Inclusion Team

The Cougar Inclusion Team (CIT) receives reports of possible bias or exclusion and offers educational intervention to help foster an inclusive community. The CIT does not conduct investigations or impose any discipline. Concerns of possible discrimination or harassment will be shared with the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs for review and further action as appropriate.  Concerns of violations of any College policy will be shared with the appropriate office.

The CIT is comprised of College employees representing diversity, student affairs, academic affairs, and Equal Opportunity offices. 

Who can report? Any member of the College of Charleston community can report if they experience or witness any incident of possible bias or exclusion.

What types of incidents can be reported? 

  • damage/destruction of property
  • physical harassment/assault
  • written/verbal statements
  • email/online statements
  • graffiti/vandalism
  • intimidation/threat
  • not sure? Report it anyway.

In case of emergency, call 911 or the Department of Public Safety (843.953.5609)

 What types of bias or exclusions can be reported? age, disability, economic background, sex, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, national origin, race/ethnicity, religion, veteran status, associational preference (organization affiliation), other.

Not sure? report it anyway

What information should I provide? As much as you have and are willing to share. You can report anonymously or include your name. You can tell us for our "information only" or request that we follow up with you. 

What happens after I report? The CIT will review your report and determine the next best steps, based on the information provided. The CIT's main function is to support reporters of exclusion and bias incidents. This can include connecting reporters with the necessary resources (such as Dean of Students or Office of Equal Opportunity Programs) and providing education or outreach. The CIT does not conduct investigations or impose any discipline.

Report a concern