1967 Legacy Program

In 2020, the College of Charleston established the 1967 Legacy Program. Named for the year of integration at the College, the program recognizes, honors, and builds upon the legacy of African American excellence in South Carolina and at the College of Charleston. 

The 1967 Legacy Scholars program is a selective and immersive four-year experience that provides scholarships, mentoring, and enrichment opportunities.

About the Program

Learn more on the 1967 Legacy Program and how you can become inolved.
  • Who can be a Legacy Scholar?

    The 1967 Legacy program is open to incoming first-year students who consider themselves trailblazers and can represent the extraordinary legacy of African American excellence on our campus and in our community.

    Each year, a cohort of up to 10 new scholars is selected. Legacy Scholars remain in the program for the duration of their time at the College.

  • What makes the program unique?

    • first year seminar course to study the archives of the College's Black alumni
    • African Studies and African American Studies courses, regardless of your major
    • Access to support for study abroad and internships
    • Mentoring from College of Charleston students and career professionals
    • On and off-campus enrichment activities, such as performances, book talks, guest speakers, trips to historic sites, and more.

  • How can I become involved?

    Incoming first year students: Contact Valerie Frazier to apply.

    Current students: Apply for a paid position as a Legacy Ambassador to support and mentor the newest cohort of Legacy Scholars.