National Advisory Council

As a Communication major, minor, or graduate student at the College of Charleston, you’ll have a rare and distinguishing opportunity to directly access top-level national executives and leaders in all areas of the field of communication through the Department of Communication’s National Advisory Council. The Council consists of an outstanding and nationally prominent group of communication professionals who actively support the department in creating and improving COMM programs, providing co-curricular opportunities, mentoring students, and encouraging the many accomplishments of the department's students and faculty. 

About the Advisory Council

The current chair of the National Advisory Council is Mr. Jim Hickey, a retired international correspondent for ABC News. The Council began in 2004 and has featured an impressive and diverse team of more than 50 professionals volunteering their time, lending their talent, sharing their knowledge, and preparing CofC communication students for a career in communications and life after graduation. 


Engagement with Students

Students and council members interacting with each other during a National Advisory Council event.

The Department hosts bi-annual conferences with the Council during the Fall and Spring semesters. Council members engage directly with students (in-person and virtually) in the COMM classrooms answering student questions about their successful careers and delving into relevant communications topics from a real-world perspective. Council members also lead panel discussions with their peers and provide students a candid view inside their respective fields, making lasting connections with students, faculty, staff, and the community at these conferences. Furthermore, access to all Council members is available and encouraged throughout the year for all CofC Communication undergraduate and graduate students. 

All current Council members, and select Executive Advisors, participate in the Mentor-Protégé Program. Communication students (majors, minors, and master's) in the program are assigned a communication professional as a mentor from the National Advisory Council. Mentors guide their protégé through frequent meetings, setting goals, providing advice, coaching, and more. Read more on the Mentor-Protégé program. 

Another opportunity created for students is the Martin Scholars Program, founded by Council member and executive-in-residence, Mr. Tom Martin, and his wife Wanda. Intended to inspire future generations of leaders and mentors among outstanding undergraduate Communication majors and minors at CofC, the Martin Scholars Program provides invaluable networking opportunities for students to meet with leaders in the communication profession. Read more on the Martin Scholars program. 

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