Standards of Conduct

The Standards of Conduct serve as a guide to the type of behavior that is expected of all persons who participate in the Campus Recreation Services program. These standards, and the College of Charleston's Student Code of Conduct, apply whether the CRS activity is held on the premises of the College or elsewhere.

The benefits that participants derive through participation are the true value of intramural sports. To achieve that goal, players, team captains, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. Inappropriate or disrespectful behavior is not an acceptable means of expression. The following are merely guidelines of conduct and are by no means all inclusive.

Participants will:

  • demonstrate a cooperative and positive attitude with teammates, opponents, game administrators, and spectators. 
  • be responsible for the conduct of one's team members and followers before, during, and after the contest. 
  • comply with the requests and directives of the CRS officials and supervisors in a respectful, responsive manner.

Participants will not:

  • use profane, abusive, or demeaning language or gestures. 
  • strike, attempt to strike, or otherwise direct physical abuse toward an official, opponent, spectator, or other person. 
  • disrespectfully address, bait, or taunt an opponent or game administrator. 
  • incite undesirable reactions from other participants or spectators. 
  • consume or possess alcohol before, during, or following a contest or while traveling to and from the event.

Violations will result in an immediate suspension from the CRS program pending a review of the incident by the director. Conditions for reinstatement will be determined following this review.

Possible penalties range from:

  • suspension for one or more games 
  • suspension for a specified length of time, up to and including a complete dismissal from the program 
  • suspension of all privileges associated with use of the facilities and program of activities 
  • campus community service 
  • referral to the College's Student Honor Board

Sports don't build character; they reveal it.

John Wooden/Heywood Hale Broun