E McElroy

Eric McElroy

Professor, Department Chair


Ph.D. - Ohio University
B.S. - Ohio Northern University

Research Interests

Evolution and ecology of animal performance and functional morphology.  Current interests include: 1) ecology, function, and evolution of locomotion in vertebrates, 2) biology of introduced Texas horned lizards in South Carolina, and 3) the effects of parasites on locomotor performance, behavior and physiology.

Courses Taught

BIOL 222/BIOL222L:  Human Anatomy and Physiology II and Laboratory
HONS 390: Human Pathophysiology

Selected Publications  

McElroy EJ, Granatosky MC 2022. The evolution of asymmetrical gaits in gnathostome vertebrates. Journal of Experimental Biology. 225:jeb243235.

McElroy EJ, McBrayer LD 2021. Escape behaviour varies with distance from safe refuge. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. https://doi.org/10.1093/biolinnean/blab127

McElroy, EJ, McBrayer LD, Sustaita D 2020. Applied Functional Biology: Linking Ecological Morphology to Conservation and Management. Integrative and Comparative Biology. 60: 402-412.

McElroy, EJ, Nowak, B, Hill-Spanik, KM, Driver, J, Connors, VA, Granath, WO, Tucker, CJ, Kyle, DE, de Buron, I. 2020. Dynamics of infection and pathology induced by the aporocotylid, Cardicola laruei, in Spotted Seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus (Scianediae). International Journal of Parasitology. 67:150-158

Heuring, C**, Barber, D, Rains, N, Erxleben, D, Martin, C, Williams, D, McElroy, EJ. 2019. Genetics, morphology and diet of introduced populations of the ant-eating Texas horned lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum). Scientific Reports. 9:11470 doi: doi:10.1038/s41598-019-47856-4

McElroy, EJ. 2019. Antipredator behavioral mechanisms: avoidance, deterrence, escape and encounter, In: Behavior of Lizards: Evolutionary and Mechanistic Perspectives.  Eds. V. Bels and A. Russell.  CRC press: Boca Raton, FL. 

McElroy, EJ, George, AB*, de Buron, I, 2015. The muscle dwelling myxozoan, Kudoa inornata, enhances swimming performance in the spotted seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus. Parasitology Research. 114:2451-2457.

McElroy, EJ and de Buron, I. 2014. Host performance as a mechanism of manipulation by parasites: a meta-analysis. Journal of Parasitology. 100: 399-410.

Bergmann, PJ and McElroy, EJ. 2014. Many-to-many mapping of morphology to performance: An extension of the F-matrix for studying functional complexity. Evolutionary Biology. 41: 546-560.

McElroy EJ and Bergmann, PJ. 2013. Tail autotomy, tail size and locomotor performance in lizards. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology. 86:669-679.