Tony Harold

Antony Harold



Ph.D. - Biology, Memorial University of Newfoundland
M.S. - Zoology, University of Toronto
B.S. - University of Toronto

Research Interests

Research in my lab focuses on phylogenetics, morphometrics, taxonomy, biogeography, and ecology of a variety of teleostean fishes. The main groups we are working with are deep-sea hatchetfishes (Sternoptychidae), especially Polyipnus, codlets (Bregmacerotidae) and related gadiforms, gobies (Gobiidae, especially Gobiodon), and Neotropical characids (especially Creagrutus). The ecological studies are concerned with dietary analysis based on gut contents of various inshore fishes, including gobies (e.g., Gobiosoma and  Ctenogobius species) and juvenile carangids (especially Trachinotus species).

Courses Taught

BIOL 335: Biology of Fishes
BIOL 340: Zoogeography
BIOL 445/645: Systematic Biology
BIOL 350: Evolution
BIOL 632/EVSS 724: Ichthyology