Isaure de Buron

Isaure de Buron



Ph.D. - Université Montpellier II, France

Research Interests

  • Host-parasite interactions at the ecological, cellular, and molecular levels
  • Parasitic fauna in the South Carolina estuarine system
  • Parasites’ life cycles
  • Use of parasites as tags to identify fish stocks and movements
  • Acanthocephalans


Correspondent to the National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France

Courses Taught

BIO 320: Histology
BIO 336: Parasitology

Honors & Awards

2019-2020 – Distinguished Research Award
2019-2020 - Gordon E. Jones Distinguished Achievement Award
2009 & 2018-2020 – Fulbright Scholar Fellowships

Selected Publications

de Buron I, Hill-Spanik K, Fignar G, Broach J. 2023. Infection of Atlantic tripletail Lobotes surinamensis (Teleostei: Lobotidae) by brain metacercariae Cardiocephaloides medioconiger (Digenea: Strigeidae). PeerJ 11:e15365

Louizi H., Hill-Spanik K, Qninba A, Connors VA, Agnese J-F, Pariselle A, de Buron I. 2022. Parasites of desert cichlid fish Coptodon guineensis: transition and resilience in a simplified hypersaline ecosystem. Parasite 29: 64.

Hill-Spanik KM, C Sams, VA Connors, T Bricker, I de Buron. 2021. Molecular data reshape our understanding of the life cycles of three digeneans (Monorchiidae and Gymnophallidae) infecting the bivalve, Donax variabilis: It’s just a facultative host! Parasite 28, 34

McElroy EJ, B Nowak, K Hill-Spanik, WO Granath, Jr, J Driver, J Tucker, V Connors, D Kyle, I de Buron. 2020. Dynamics of infection and pathology induced by blood flukes, Cardicola spp., in spotted seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus. International Journal for Parasitology.SI Fish parasites. 50: 809-823.