Maryann Shahrtash

Maryann Cagle

Visiting Assistant Professor


Ph.D. - University of Memphis
M.S. - Louisiana State University

Research Interests

Plant Microbial Ecology, Plant Biology, Plant Physiology, Plant Nutrition and Soil Management, Plant Pathology, Integrated Invasive Plant Management, Plant Pathology, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry Practice

Courses Taught

BIOL 112: Evolution, Form and Function of Organisms
BIOL 300: Botany

Selected Publications 

Shahrtash, M., Tucker, A.E., Weaver, M.A., Brown, S.P. (2023). Control strategies for the invasive plant kudzu (Pueraria montana) only minimally impact soil activity, chemistry, and bacterial and fungal communities. Pedobiologia . Volume 101.150897.

Brown, S., Shahrtash., M., Stokes, E.C., Baird, S., Baird R. Lu S. (2023). Model-based community analyses identify fungal endophytes that may modulate symptom development of charcoal rot disease in soybean. Phyto Frontiers. In Review. Phyto Frontiers. 1-23.

Shahrtash, M., Brown, S. (2023). Interactions between fungal endophytes and pathogens isolated from the invasive plant kudzu (Pueraria montana var. lobata). Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection.87-107.

James, J., Bach, E., Baker, K., Barber, N., Buck, R. Shahrtash, M., Brown, S. (2022). Herbicide control of the invasive Amur honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii) does not alter soil microbial communities or activity. Ecological Solutions and Evidence. 3:e12157. 1-12.

Brown, S.P., Shahrtash, M., Tucker, A.E., Knoepp, J., Stokes, E., Baird, R. (2022). Seasonal disconnects between saprobic and mycorrhizal sporocarp communities in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Shahrtash M. and Brown S.P. (2021). A Path Forward: Promoting Microbial Based Methods in the Control of Invasive Plant Species. Plants. 10(5), 943.

Shahrtash, M. and Brown S.P. (2020). Drivers of foliar fungal endophytic communities of kudzu (Pueraria montana var. lobata) in the Southeast United States. Diversity. 12: 185.

Shahrtash, M. (2018). Silicon Fertilization as a Sustainable Approach to Disease Management of Agricultural Crops. Journal of Plant Protection Research. 58:4.

Mohsenzadeh, S., Shahrtash, M., and Tiexeira da Silva, J.A. (2012). Silicon Improves Growth and Alleviates Toxicity of Cadmium in Maize Seedlings. Plant Stress. 6 (1): 39-43.

Mohsenzadeh, S., Esmaeili, M., Moosavi, F., Shahrtash, M., Saffari, B., and Mohabatkar, H. (2011). Plant Glutathione S-transferase Classification, Structure and Evolution. African Journal of Biotechnology. 10 (42): 8160-8165.