Asian Studies Program

Immerse Yourself in Asian Cultures and Languages

The Asian Studies minor provides students with interdisciplinary programs of study exploring Asian languages and cultures.

The program prepares students for exciting and rewarding careers in the U.S. and abroad, and for life-long experiential exploration of the region’s rich histories, societies and religions.

Asian studies faculty have expertise in a broad array of subjects and offer students a diverse range of courses, study abroad programs, and extra-curricular opportunities aimed at developing linguistic proficiency and cultural literacy in Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese Studies.

Students can focus on language or culture and can design their own program of study by combining the Asian Studies minor with another major field of study.

Alumni of Asian Studies at the College of Charleston have found their training and experiences in the program to be key to their success in a number of different careers including international and domestic business, marketing, government service, education, and media.

Asian Studies Programs

Uncover a world of cultural insights! Learn Arabic, Chinese or Japanese. Prepare for your cross-cultural career and explore Asian, Japanese and Middle Eastern World Studies in our Asian Studies Program.
  • Asian Studies Minor

    Prepare for exciting careers in the U.S. and abroad, while gaining experience in different languages and the art, literature and histories of Asian cultures.

    In this flexible program, you will choose from courses, study abroad options, and activities in Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese to gain a better understanding of world these languages and cultures.

    During the program you will develop a knowledge and awareness of Asia, which will make you more competitive in a world that values global connection. You can choose to focus more on language or culture, depending on your your interests. Your diverse training and experiences in the program will be valuable for many future careers.


    Asian Studies Minor in the Catalog
  • Japanese Studies Minor

    From anime to Zen, our Japanes Studies minor provides you with a deeper understanding of this rich culture from ancient traditions to modern life.

    Through a diverse selection of courses, you'll be immersed in the language, culture, history, art, and traditions of Japan:

    • Japanese language training - develop proficiency to engage with Japanese speakers, texts, and media through one of the most comprehensive Japanese programs in South Carolina.
    • Study abroad opportunities - spend a semester at Kansai Gaidai University of Foreign Studies in Osaka or other sudy abroad opportunities.
    • Courses on history and culture - learn about everything from ancient traditions to pop culture.
    • Interdisciplinary approach - complement your major by gaining valuable cultural expertise.

    Gain the insights that will give you an edge in careers across industries like business, technology, education, government, media, education, and the arts.

    Add another dimension to your college experience through the Japanese Studies minor.

    Japanese Studies in the Catalog
  • Middle Eastern and Islamic World Studies Minor

    Our Middle Eastern and Islamic World Studies minor is designed to allow students to explore the critical region of North Africa and Western Asia and the histories and traditions of the world’s two billions Muslims.

    The program also provides students with language training in Arabic, one of the most-spoken languages on the planet with a literary and cultural tradition spanning almost a millennium and a half.

    Students have the opportunity to study abroad with funding at the American University in Cairo. 

    Mid Eastern/Islamic World Studies