African Studies Minor

Study the African continent and gain a unique global perspective.

Our program is an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the African continent. You will study diverse cultures, geography, literature, politics, economics and more. You will develop a knowledge of various African countries, both historically and in the modern age.

What will I learn?

You will gain knowledge of political and cultural systems. You'll develop an understanding of human behavior in diverse contexts. You will learn how to critically analyze texts. You'll also learn to effectively write and communicate. You'll develop the necessary skills to develop and defend an argument. You will know how to work comfortably in a diverse world. You'll develop the skills needed to address problems that cross disciplinary and national boundaries.

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Program Highlights

This minor is often a perfect complement for students majoring in anthropology, English, French, history, political science or religious studies. Our program is cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural. You'll take part in dialogues about important issues.

Study Abroad

You have the opportunity to study abroad on the African continent and expand your understanding of global connections. Recent study abroad opportunities have included trips to:
  • Morocco.
  • Ghana.
  • Uganda.
  • Rwanda.
  • Senegal.