MPA/Environmental Science Concurrent Program

Accelerate your career and seamlessly earn dual master's degrees in Public Administration and Environmental Studies in just three years.

Become a leader in addressing environmental issues while gaining comprehensive managerial skills. Apply now and unlock your future.

The M.P.A./M.E.S. Concurrent Program at the College of Charleston is one of the country's distinguished offerings. Pursue both a Master of Public Administration and a Master of Science in Environmental and Sustainability Studies in a condensed timeframe without compromising academic qualityBenefit from our well-rounded curriculum, exceptional faculty and extensive career opportunities.

Why earn your M.P.A./M.E.S. at the College of Charleston? 

At the College of Charleston, we believe in providing an unparalleled student experience. By choosing our M.P.A./M.E.S. Concurrent Program, you gain access to unique opportunities.
  • Benefit from the concurrent degree advantage. Get two master's degrees in three years without compromising academic content.
  • Learn from a comprehensive curriculum. Gain expertise in policy, environmental sciences, program management and research methods.
  • Immerse in a unique student experience. Engage in hands-on projects with community partners. Connect theory with practice and make a real impact on environmental issues.
  • Explore elective courses. Customize your education with courses in topics such as:
    • environmental law.
    • nonprofit management.
    • urban planning.
    • GIS.
    • sustainability studies.
  • Take part in mentorship opportunities. Collaborate with renowned faculty members who are experts in their fields. Benefit from their mentorship throughout your studies. Our distinguished faculty in the M.P.A./M.E.S. Concurrent Program bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide your academic and professional development. Their qualifications span fields like environmental sciences, policy, program management and research methods. You will receive invaluable mentorship and personalized support. Experience a learning environment that fosters growth and encourages innovation. You will be empowered to make a difference.

Careers & Outcomes

By choosing the M.P.A./M.E.S. Concurrent Program at the College of Charleston, you open doors to a wide range of rewarding career paths. Our graduates excel in public organizations dedicated to addressing environmental issues. Join a network of successful alumni who have secured positions in renowned companies and organizations. Their accomplishments speak for themselves, and their stories inspire future students like you.

“My favorite thing about studying at the College of Charleston is just how many alumni are local to the area, which gives you a lot of research and job potential after you graduate.” - Haley Schanne ‘21 

How to Apply 

The entire application process is online. The documents outlined below are required components of the application. A file is not complete until all documents have been submitted and processed, so read carefully and prepare your application materials in advance of applying. 
  • Dates & Deadlines

    Mark these important dates and deadlines for a successful application process. 

    Priority deadline - March 1
    Final deadline - July 1 

    November 1 

    March 1 
  • Application Process

    1. Submit an online application through our website. 
    2. Ensure you meet the admission criteria, including a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0.
    3. Provide scores from the GRE test (composite score of 305 or higher).
    4. Complete prerequisite coursework in biology, chemistry, statistics and American government. 
    5. Gather three letters of recommendation highlighting your academic qualifications and career potential. 
    6. Craft a statement of personal career goals within the program. 
    7. Await admission decisions made by the admissions committees in both programs. 

  • Admission Criteria

    • Undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. 
    • Overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher. 
    • GRE scores (composite score of 305 or higher). 
    • Prerequisite coursework in biology, chemistry, statistics and American government. 
    • Three letters of recommendation. 
    • Statement of personal career goals.