Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate

Meet the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals and prepare for a thriving career.

This program is designed to meet the surging demand for cybersecurity experts. In particular, you'll be ready to meet the demands for the defense and business sectors in the Lowcountry. This focused, 12-credit-hour curriculum allows computing professionals like you to specialize in cybersecurity without the time and cost investment of a full master's degree. We ensure that you receive the most current knowledge and hands-on experience in the field of cybersecurity.

Why earn your Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate at the College of Charleston?

Our Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity provides you with the essential knowledge, skills and tools to meeting the needs of the profession in today's world. This program is a collaboration with The Citadel, enhancing the depth and breadth of your education. It is comprised of four courses and any necessary prerequisites.

What you will learn

  • Describe basic components of cybersecurity. Understand the fundamental building blocks of cybersecurity, ensuring a strong foundation for your career.
  • Characterize the security profile of different types of networks. Learn to assess and enhance the security of various network types, a crucial skill in the cybersecurity field.
  • Analyze and use classical and public key cryptography algorithms. Gain expertise in cryptographic methods to secure data and communications.
  • Secure a system from different kinds of attacks. Master the techniques to protect systems from a wide range of cyber threats.
  • Analyze security of a cybersystem and perform risk assessment. Develop the ability to evaluate the security of cybersystems and conduct risk assessments to safeguard against potential vulnerabilities.
  • Discuss legal and ethical issues relating to cybersecurity. Explore the legal and ethical considerations within the cybersecurity domain, ensuring you're well-prepared for real-world challenges.

Careers & Outcomes

This graduate certificate is your gateway to a dynamic and rewarding career. Join us, and be at the forefront of defending against evolving digital threats.

Find a job as a cyber security analyst, engineer or specialist with government agencies or private firms. 

How to Apply

The entire application process is online. The documents outlined below are required components of the application. A file is not complete until all documents have been submitted and processed, so read carefully and prepare your application materials in advance of applying.
  • Dates & Deadlines

    Fall admission

    • Priority: March 1
    • Final: July 1 

    Spring admission

    • November 1 

    Summer admission

    • March 1 
  • Admission Criteria

    • Complete the online application and a $50, non-refundable application fee.
    • Submit an official transcript of all undergraduate and graduate work.
    • Demonstrate competency in basic computer architecture, object-oriented programming, discrete mathematics and data structures.
    International Application 
    • TOEFL scores if your primary language is not English.