Cultural Sustainability Certificate

Explore the human side of sustainability.

The cultural sustainability certification studies how culture intersects with conceptualizations of sustainability. Focusing on the intersection of culture with economic, social and environmental sustainability. You will learn how to develop sound and effective policies. Learn how to use limited resources wisely. You will understand what sustainability means to different groups of people. You'll identify why and how we embrace or resist sustainability efforts.

Why earn your Cultural Sustainability Certificate at the College of Charleston?

The cultural sustainability certification provides undergraduate students and non-degree-seeking students an opportunity to gain a deep understanding of how culture intersects with conceptualizations of sustainability. You will learn how to sustain cultural sites artifacts, practices, and knowledge. You will also study the role of culture in social and economic justice. Our program blends preserving culture with environmental action.

Careers & Outcomes

You will have many opportunities to engage in real sustainability issues. Transfer your classroom knowledge to real world applications through internships and research practices. You will develop hands-on skills associated with understanding the past (e.g., archaeological research) and the present (e.g., ethnography). Our students obtain positions in fields such as:
  • Community development.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Nonprofit organizations.
  • Governmental agencies.
  • Teaching.
  • Corporate sustainability efforts.