Academic Careers at the College of Charleston

The College of Charleston actively seeks to attract a diverse group of faculty who will help students excel academically and who will encourage individuals to thrive while engaging in original inquiry and creative expression in an atmosphere of intellectual freedom.

Located in the heart of historic downtown Charleston, South Carolina, the College of Charleston is a nationally recognized, public, liberal arts and sciences university. Our beautiful and historic campus, student-focused programs, and contemporary facilities attract approximately 11,000 students from across the region, U.S., and internationally. Our students are immersed in a collaborative and supportive environment that enables them to form great relationships with our faculty and staff. Colleagues from various backgrounds – private sector, armed forces, and other higher education institutions – form our diverse team, which includes over 500 distinguished teacher-scholars. If you share our core values and our goal to create an inclusive campus that inspires excellence and innovation, consider a career at the College of Charleston.


Current Openings

Faculty Life at the College of Charleston

Original inquiry, creative expression, and intellectual freedom

Imagine the possibilities: as part of our renowned physics and astronomy department, you could make groundbreaking discoveries like our esteemed professor who revealed the largest object in the universe, the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall. Our Department of Hispanic Studies boasts faculty members consistently ranked in the top five nationally by Additionally, our faculty includes Fulbright and Guggenheim fellows, recipients of prestigious career awards from the National Science Foundation, and authors recognized by Oprah's Book Club.

However, their unwavering commitment to student success truly sets our faculty apart. As mentors and guides, they invest their time and expertise to ensure each student reaches their full potential. Engage in meaningful undergraduate research, provide thoughtful academic guidance, and foster lifelong connections with students. At the College of Charleston, you'll be a valued partner in their journey.

Discover the exciting world of our faculty's fascinating research and innovative teaching methods through the College of Charleston Magazine or The College Today Faculty Newsfeed. Take the next step in your academic career and become a cherished member of the esteemed faculty at the College of Charleston, where your expertise and passion will flourish.

Teachers, Scholars, and Mentors

Our teacher-scholar model emphasizes the interconnection between ongoing scholarship and creative activity in teaching and the intellectual life of faculty on campus.

As a faculty member at the College of Charleston, we offer several programs to support faculty research, development, and service. Research and development involve various activities that increase the faculty member’s knowledge and that exemplify scholarly or artistic expertise. It includes but is not limited to, original contributions to the discipline, creative activities in practice and performance in the fine arts, research in pedagogy, and appropriate studies within and outside one’s specialties. The professional educator undertakes research for scholarly or creative production, to maintain currency in the content of courses taught, and to improve pedagogical techniques. The professional educator sustains professional contact with colleagues and engages in continuing professional activities to upgrade and augment existing skills or develop new ones. Service to the College and/or the community also falls within the responsibilities of a faculty member. Service includes holding departmental offices, serving on departmental committees, and participating in campus and community activities related to the College and to one’s professional role. For additional information and resources regarding faculty research, development, and service please use the information provided below. 

Additional Perks & Benefits

The College of Charleston is committed to supporting our employees by offering benefits that are comprehensive and that represent the best that we can offer in coverage and cost. Health and retirement options are only a few of the benefits provided to employees of the College.
  • Health & Wellness

    • Comprehensive healthcare benefits
    • Childcare opportunities
    • Healthy living programs
    • On-campus fitness and recreation options
    • Disability & life insurance

    Campus Recreation Services
  • Faculty Club at the "Faculty House"

    The Faculty Club is an informal, non-profit association of faculty members from the College of Charleston that provides access to the "Faculty House" (first floor of 20 Glebe) and morning coffee.

  • Faculty Athletics Club

    Faculty are encouraged to participate in and attend our Athletics events. Please contact the Faculty Athletics Club representative Vince Benigni for more information.

    CofC Sports
  • Live Well & Save

    • Generous leave and holidays
    • Retirement & savings programs
    • Free bus services & downtown parking discounts
    • Faculty R&D funds and on-campus development programs
    • Tuition benefits for you & staff

  • Community

    • Heart of the Historic District of Charleston
    • No. 1 Best City in the World
    • Diverse faculty hiring
    • Community impact & mentoring
    • Global & Regional Centers