University Communications

The Office of University Communications promotes the mission of the College of Charleston and tells the story of the College, its programs and people through a variety of print and online publications for students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, friends of the university as well as the general public.

About Us

University Communications staff members serve the College of Charleston community as the official source of news and information about the university. Communications include:

We also assist university divisions, departments and offices with outward-facing communications needs such as strategic messaging for campus webpages and amplification of campus events to external audiences. 

University Communications also works closely with the President's Office, the Department of Public Safety and other offices to coordinate emergency/crisis communications, including messages issued through the College's Cougar Alert Emergency Notification System.

Faculty, staff and students can visit The Hub for internal University Communications resources.

College News

From groundbreaking research by our faculty to entrepreneurial students to alumni changing the world, we use our digital publications to share and celebrate the talents and contributions of our Cougar family.
  • The College Today

    The Charleston Today logo

    The College Today is the official news site of the College of Charleston. An experienced team of editors, writers, photographers and videographers create and publish news content about and for the College of Charleston community.

    The College Today tells a wide variety of stories that highlight the achievements, activities and interests of our students, the academic expertise of our faculty and the range of academic and student life services offered by our dedicated staff. We also cover campus life, major campus events and keep the campus community informed about administrative and facilities announcements. In addition, our writers produce stories about College of Charleston alumni and their paths to meaningful careers around the world.

    To submit a story idea to the editorial team of The College Today, send an email to and include the following information: your name, contact information, a brief summary of your idea and any related documents, attachments or photos. For coverage to promote a College of Charleston event, please contact The College Today team at least two weeks prior to the planned event.

    Articles published on The College Today are shared externally through the College's social media platforms, a weekly e-newsletter and with appropriate news media.

    The College Today is managed by College of Charleston staff members and is separate from the College's student-run media, Cistern Yard.


    The College Today
  • College of Charleston Magazine

    Our award-winning publication, College of Charleston Magazine, allows our alumni to stay connected to their alma mater. Our focus on telling gripping stories about compelling people in and out of the classroom helps keep our alumni engaged and supportive of the College. With an oversized format that showcases great photography and design, we’ve been able to share amazing human-interest stories – stories that resonate with our alumni readers and remind them of the power of their educational experience.

    College of Charleston Magazine is published twice yearly and is mailed in hard copy to around 70,000 alumni, friends and supporters of the College.

    Please feel free to email us at with your editorial suggestions. You can update your information or submit a Class Note.


    Tom Cunneff
    Editor, College of Charleston Magazine


    College of Charleston Magazine
  • Editorial Guidelines

    As a matter of editorial policy, we generally do not remove published articles from our news site, The College Today. The reason for this policy is that our university news site serves as an historical record for our campus community. Therefore, we want our archived news content to be preserved as an accurate reflection of the campus and the community as they existed at any given point in time.

    However, if an article contains inaccurate or copyrighted information that was not identified during the editing and review process, we can correct that specific information within the article. If significant new information or updates about a topic or individual we have written about becomes available, we will consider writing a follow-up article.

    In some unique cases, there may be extenuating circumstances that would compel us to edit or unpublish an archived article for other reasons. If you feel your situation warrants further consideration by our editorial team, please provide any additional information that we should consider in our evaluation.

    To ensure editorial consistency, we follow the College of Charleston style guide to resolve questions about grammar and style. If your question is not covered in this style guide, please use The Associated Press Stylebook (AP style) for a guide to correct usage.

Media Relations

Media Relations is the primary point of contact for all news media covering the College of Charleston. It is responsible for writing and disseminating press releases, responding to media inquiries and providing news reporters with faculty and staff experts who can provide insights, commentary and context related to their academic expertise.
  • Experts Guide

    The Experts Guide is intended to help members of the news media identify experts from the College of Charleston who can offer commentary and analysis on issues in the news. If you need assistance identifying an expert on a particular topic, please contact Media Relations.

    Experts Guide
  • Media Contacts

    To arrange for coverage of College of Charleston news, or to visit campus for media interviews or photography / videography, please contact:  

    Mike Robertson
    Senior Director, Media Relations

    Amy Stockwell
    Associate Director, Public Information and Media Relations 

    Media inquiries may also be directed to

    Contact Us