About Hispanic Studies

Language competence, global perspective and understanding of Hispanic world culture.

Welcome to Hispanic Studies at the College of Charleston. Here's where language, culture, and global perspectives converge to create a rich, meaningful educational experience while preparing you for a rewarding professional career.

For students, we'll help you find your passion in mastering Spanish or Portuguese, examining the complexities of Hispanic worlds, or exploring a diverse range of opportunities.

For those seeking to contribute their expertise, we also provide avenues for adjunct Spanish faculty to shape the academic landscape.

No matter where you are, you're never far from Hispanic Studies content and conversation. Tune in to HispaCasts, where we engage in captivating discussions and insights on programs, culture and opportunities with students, alumni and faculty.

Mission & Vision

The Department of Hispanic Studies offers students and the community a broad range of courses and programs to develop language competence, a global perspective, and an understanding of the Spanish language, literatures and cultures of the Hispanic world.  In addition, the Department seeks to promote the study of Portuguese at the college. 

Specifically, the Department aims to:

  • Ensure that College of Charleston students acquire sufficient knowledge of the language to build proficiency in the language when future personal or professional needs require it.
  • Prepare majors and minors for success as professionals in career fields related to Spanish.
  • Teach understanding and appreciation of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian cultures, and provide knowledge about the literary and intellectual achievements of these worlds.
  • Provide opportunities for study abroad in areas where Spanish and Portuguese are spoken.
  • Enhance the education of students who are not Spanish majors by providing language skills that complement their chosen major.
  • Lead with internationalizing the College of Charleston curriculum.
  • Work with the School of Education to prepare Spanish language teachers both substantively and pedagogically for the South Carolina school system.
  • Provide opportunities for continuing study of Spanish at the graduate level for language teachers and other professionals in the Charleston area.
  • Promote articulation between secondary schools and the College in the teaching of Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Provide service learning and internship opportunities for students of Spanish to use their skills in the community

Employment Opportunities: Hispanic Studies

Hispanic Studies continually seeks dynamic and dedicated adjunct professors of Spanish to join our faculty team.

Minimal requirements: 18 hours of completed graduate coursework in Spanish.

If you would like to be considered for future teaching opportunities, please email your CV to Michael A. Gómez, Chair of Hispanic Studies.

Contact the Hispanic Studies Chair

HispaCast Podcasts

In collaboration with the Teaching and Learning Team, the College of Charleston's Department of Hispanic Studies presents HispaCasts, a podcast series that highlights students, alumni, faculty and programs.

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