Majors, Minors & Graduate Programs

The humanities and social sciences explore human behavior, cultures and social systems.

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences prepares you to be an independent and engaged lifelong learner. Write with confidence, speak with clarity, solve complex problems and act as responsible citizens. Many of our students double major or pursue one or minors. This will let you explore your many interests and fully customize your education.

Graduate Programs

We offer many graduate programs in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, from History to Child Life to Creative Writing. 
  • Child Life

    When you earn your master's in Child Life, you're trained to understand the sensitive and vital issues involved in working with children and their families in the healthcare setting. 

    This program is a collaboration between the College of Charleston and the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Coursework takes place at the College of Charleston and your practicum experience will take place at MUSC. 

  • Communication

    Communication is strategic, thought provoking and inspires action. In this program, you'll explore the research methods and theories behind communication. You'll apply your research and be challenged to think critically about communication issues. 

  • English (M.A. & M.F.A.)

    English, M.A. 

    In this joint program betwewn the College of Charleston and the Citadel, you'll learn to analyze literature and culture more effectively. You'll acquire critical thinking habits, problem solving strategies and communication skills that you can apply in many different contexts. 

    English, M.F.A. 

    Stories matter. The M.F.A. Creative Writing program is a two-year, residential program that offers advanced degree training in either fiction or poetry. Workshops are the backbone of this program. 

  • Environmental and Sustainability Studies

    This interdisciplinary program will prepare you for a career in the environmental field. You'll focus on the development and implementation of policy. In particular, you'll study the economic, political and social factors that are an intrinsic part of the policymaking process.

    Concurrent Program: Environmental and Sustainability Studies/Public Administration 

    The combined curricula of the two programs allows you the opportunity to graduate with both degrees in as few as three years without sacrificing the academic rigor of either program.

  • History

    In this joint program between the College of Charleston and the Citadel, you'll have ample archibal resources, research sites and employment opportunities. 

    Consider a concentration in Public History. In this concentration, you'll gain experience in the field through community-partner coursework, graduate assistantships and internship opportunities. 

  • Public Administration

    In this program you'll explore the theories and practices of public service. And, there's not better place to do this than a city known for its rich arts scene and strong nonprofit and government sectors. Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to effectively lead and manage organizational resources. Learn to operate in the political settings in which policy is developed.

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