Extraordinary happens in the math department.

Math is one of the oldest academic disciplines. Study with us and join a long list of innovative thinkers. Develop and use critical thinking skills during theoretical and applied math courses. 

Our master's programs help you focus your studies while the doctoral program brings it all together for a collaborative experience.

Stick with us, and you’ll be marketable for any career you choose!

Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate majors and minors offered in the Department of Mathematics.
  • Mathematics, B.S.

    Get a foundation in calculus, linear algebra and abstract math. Then choose electives to broaden your studies or get focused!


  • Statistics, B.S.

    Turn data into insights! You’ll learn about probability, statistical modeling, regression analysis, experimental design and so much more.


  • Data Science, B.S.

    This is a joint program with the Department of Computer Science. It combines the skills and tools of mathematics and computer science. You choose an emphasis to fit your interests and career goals. You can choose science, business, social sciences, arts and humanities or language processing and world outlooks.


  • Mathematics Teacher Education Grades 9-12, B.S.

    This is a secondary education cognate major. You major in math while learning how to teach it! Don't worry, there are two advisors to help you on each part of this journey. This program is recognized by the National Council for Teachers for Mathematics (NCTM).


  • Mathematics Minor

    The math minor is a great addition to any other STEM field!


  • Statistics Minor

    The statistics minor is a nice fit with computer science fields as well as any discipline that deals with data. 


  • Pre-Actuarial Studies Minor

    If you're planning to major in one of the options at the business school, this could be the minor for you!


Graduate and Doctoral Programs

We offer the following doctoral program and graduate programs.