Linguistics Studies

Explore the sounds, structures and meaning of human language.

Linguists investigate the sounds (phonetics & phonology), the structures (morphology & syntax), and meaning (semantics & pragmatics) of human language.

Through linguistics, we explore how language is learned and processed (psycholinguistics & neurolinguistics; first & second language acquisition), evolved through time (historical linguistics), used in its social context (sociolinguistics & linɡuistic anthropoloɡy), and even in technology and linguistic analysis (computational linguistics).

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Are you interested in Linguistics? Intrigued by language research? Sounds, words, meaning, foreign languages, language history, language and society, language and the brain… all of these subjects and more are part of the exciting world of linguistics.

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Club Advisors:

  • Colleen Moorman, Ph.D.
  • Ricard Viñas-de-Puig, Ph.D.
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