The International Studies Program supports faculty and student research and events through generous donations from you. 

As a graduate, parent of a student or graduate, or as a friend of the College of Charleston’s International Studies Program, you know the importance of a high-quality education. Educating global citizens has the potential to change the world and enrich our society in many ways.

To accomplish our goal of providing students with knowledge and understanding of global issues and an intercultural fluency, we benefit from benefactors who support higher education through their generous gifts of time, talent and resources.

If for you the measure of your own success are the contributions you make to the lives of others, then we encourage you to help the College of Charleston and the International Studies Program educate its students. Your contribution large or small will help us to provide students and faculty with opportunities to create a learning environment in which rigorous learning, creativity and intellectual curiosity thrive.

Thank you in advance for your generous support of our students and faculty!

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