Hospitality & Tourism Management

The Business of Hospitality Offers Boundless Opportunities

Welcome to the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTMT). Our department is strategically established within the School of Business to ensure you gain an AACSB-accredited business education with a strong focus on leading in the service industry. In our program, you learn the business of hospitality and how to apply that knowledge in a global economy.

Location, Location, Location

The Charleston hospitality industry is a thriving, collaborative community and the College of Charleston Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTMT) program is an integral part of the city's ongoing success. Nestled in downtown Charleston, our program offers a living laboratory just outside our doors; giving our students both an abundance of practical experience opportunities and actual industry collaboration.

Academic Programs

We are proud to offer the hospitality and tourism management major, minor and concentration at the College of Charleston.
  • Major and Emphasis Areas

    As an HTMT major, you learn to be guest focused, ethical, innovative, globally aware and computer fluent. You’re also trained to be an effective communicator able to excel in the many facets of this industry.

    You'll be able to emphasize your coursework in one of the below areas:

    • Luxury Hospitality Experience Management
    • Revenue and Pricing Management (Data engineering in HTMT)
    • Convention, Event, and Club Management
    • Destination Development and Real Estate Management

    Course information and requirements for the major can be found in the Academic Catalog.

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  • Minor

    Many students choose to minor in hospitality and tourism management to gain industry-specific knowledge and experience. With a minor in hospitality and tourism management, you will gain insight and diverse career opportunities in the $4.5 trillion worldwide industry.

    Course information and requirements for the minor can be found in the Academic Catalog.

  • Concentration

    A concentration in hospitality and tourism management, coupled with a business administration major, provides you with a keener insight into the industry and opens the door for a career in an exciting, high-growth field.

    Course information and requirements for the concentration can be found in the Academic Catalog.

  • SC Technical College Transfer Program

    Are you looking to transfer from a two-year South Carolina technical college to study hospitality at the College of Charleston? We're here to welcome you! Contact us for additional assistance for a smooth transfer experience.

What Sets Us Apart

Studying hospitality at the College of Charleston School of Business means receiving a learning experience unlike any other. You'll graduate not only ready for the industry, but ready to make an impact. Here's how.
  • Unparalleled Industry & Alumni Engagement

    Charleston is known for its hospitality, so studying the industry here just makes sense. Our programs, like the BHC Service Leadership program, offer exciting opportunities for you to meet with and learn from our very best hospitality leaders; both here in Charleston, and from across the country. The best part is once you graduate, you can come back to share your experiences with current students.

  • Excellent Scholarship Opportunities

    The Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management is pleased to offer incoming first-year and enrolled students a number of awards and scholarships to fund their education.

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  • Enriching Study Abroad Programs

    Experience transformative education, culture and adventure.

    Join a diverse community of aspiring professionals and immerse yourself in unique global experiences, from Iceland to Banff, Canada. Our expert faculty will guide your international academic journey, offering skills for both career and life. At the College of Charleston, learning knows no borders—broaden your horizons, build memories, and shape your future.

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  • Extensive Internship & Industry Career Connections

    Our partnerships with local and national hospitality organizations ensure our courses are relevant and valuable to any modern service business environment. Our students graduate and secure positions with some of the best hospitality organizations in the industry or other business-related fields. Many of these employers regularly recruit on campus for jobs. We are proud members of the Lowcountry Hospitality Association.