European Studies

What is a European Studies minor?

It’s Bach and the Beatles.  

It’s Socrates and Sartre.  

It’s the continent that brought us Mercedes, Airbus and BMW, but also the Mini-Cooper, the VW Beetle, the London Tube and Rhine River Cruises.   

Europe encompasses everything from the natural beauty of the Alps to the human artistry of the Parthenon. Choose European studies, and you might study the birth of capitalism and hypermodern business. 

Literary studies could take you from the classics of Homer to the postmodernity of Fernando Arrabal.   

Your survey of European music might range from Gregorian Chant to the Sex Pistols.    

This interdisciplinary European studies minor will let you design a course of study that will open up the continent's culture, society, history and more! 

Craft your own interdisciplinary European studies minor journey.

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